The Timekeeper Trials Tips

This map favors an aggressive team using 2 shotguns due to it’s close quarter battles and tight corners.

the timekeeper trials callout map

  • How many people have been caught out in Lobby by spawn grenade spam?
  • How many times were you picked off trying to push through Pool into Laser Room?
  • How many times did you run into teams with multiple snipers camping out by Beach and making use of the head glitches?



Sniper lanes: The few common lanes are below.

  • Laser Room to Lobby
  • God Rock past Lobby and into Back Room
  • Donut through Lobby to above Basement (Inside Heavy)
  • Dark Beach through Back Door to Back Room.
  • God Rock over the top of A (Pool) into Laser Room.

Let’s talk about proper tactics for sniping on this map; you’re going to want to stick behind solid close quarter teammate/s who can allow you to pick off one or more enemies while they harass and prevent the enemy from pushing into your zones.

Spawning Bravo (Beach) side for sniping is definitely favourable. You can play patiently, watching through to your right-handside through the choke point into Laser Room, while controlling the flag point (in Puddle), and watching for the enemy pushing through Lobby. Having 2 snipers covering different angles is a safe way to play, forcing your enemy into becoming impatient with considered ‘camping’ tactics but allowing build up of supers.

Spawning Alpha (Laser Room) side is less preferable. Offering only 1 or 2 sightlines immediately off of spawn, from Laser Room towards Lobby to stop a shotgun team aggressively pushing into Close Quarters or preventing a team from flanking you by sniping through the laser point choke point out towards Puddle and Beach.

Generally playing passive on this map will not play out particularly effectively, as both you and your enemies will end up fighting with supers for the flag, which can always go either way. Playing with only 1 sniper on this map will allow for aggressive pushes with 2 shotguns when the lone sniper manages to pick off 1 unsuspecting enemy from a different angle.


Aggressive Tactics

 In most cases on Timekeeper you are going to want to use your primary for first engagements, allowing you to use your shotgun aggressively once an enemy has been taken down. Concentrating on your secondary only once this has happened will allow your team to prevent a revive and quickly shut down an enemy team, denying them special ammo crates where possible and conserving your own for the aggressive plays.

Pushing in to control Lobby and the area above Basement is going to be your best play in most situations, there is a lot of cover to allow you to move in close, avoiding the aforementioned sniper lanes.

Alpha (Laser Room) side – I would recommend splitting into 2 groups, one to check for radar pings by Puddle and one to check Lobby and Back Room area. If there is no one on the radar in Laser Room, 1 or 2 people can use this to their advantage to be able to quickly flank the enemy who have pushed up towards Lobby, while you remaining teammate/s play Beach/Back Room to help pinch them. If the enemy is camping and waiting for sniper picks from Laser Room, preventing you from pushing through Puddle, then I would use the clear Back Room to your advantage instead, using primary to harass from above Basement allowing for a quick escape through Basement if required.

Bravo (Beach) side – In a similar way you will want to both prevent the above from happening and allow your own map control. Be very aware when pushing up towards Lobby that the enemy can flank behind you into Laser Room. Using Basement can be very advantageous to an unsuspecting enemy, but this is also a very risky route, due to the length of the corridor not allowing you to escape or get into cover quickly if challenged. Push up into lobby area with primary and grenade fire, leaving a sniper to watch Lobby from afar, while also keeping an eye on an enemy flank from Puddle through the chokepoint.



Pushing Outside (Bravo) Heavy – Push through to lobby and use an aggressive super such as Bladedancer/Sunbreaker/Voidwalker to push straight to their heavy and go for multikills. Otherwise, using a sniper to try and get picks through Laser Room choke point towards outside heavy is easy to try and delay them. Trying to push through that chokepoint is dangerous, however, a team of switched-on opponents will be wary of this and can shut you down with grenades relatively easily.

Pushing Inside (Alpha) Heavy – You will see from the clip below an easy route using cover to allow you to aggressively push inside heavy. This route allows you to avoid grenade spam into Lobby area, which is common and is especially effective with tracking grenades such as Skip or Firebolt grenades. Running from beach through Back Door keeps you off Radar for the maximum amount of time as well, it may also fool your enemies into thinking you are pushing from lobby, due to the similar Radar pings that this route provides.


Highlights – Chrisg2003bt – NDS Talon – Blobbebeastn – Monotone Jones