planet division but not really

Destiny + Division

While the two games share a similar “kill, loot, repeat” formula, the titles play very differently. Fans of cover based combat similar to Gears of War or Uncharted are going to like The Division.

If there is something Bungie could learn from The Division, it’s in the weapon customization department. Players can change the scope, grip, clip and skin of every weapon. The loot feels rewarding. Division players aren’t saddled with rewards that ultimately get scrapped because of the perks on the gun.

Gunplay in Destiny is touted as the element that sets it apart from any game they have ever played, and its one major advantage Destiny has. The guns feel so good in Destiny and it immerses you into the experience. While The Division’s gunplay isn’t bad, third person combat is awkward at times. Again, this is something that comes down to preference, and if you’re used to first person, it’s certainly very different than what we are used to.

The Dark Zone is a PvPvE mode filled with tense situations. Turning your back on a fellow gamer has the potential to cost you hard earned loot. Extraction areas can turn into a standoff that feels rewarding or disappointing, depending on which end of a gun barrel you find yourself on. Because of this, it is a mode best played with friends.

While it is fun fighting through hordes of enemies and protecting rewards from other players, or going rouge, The Dark Zone isn’t as competitive as something like Clash or Skirmish. There is no way to square with opponents in a controlled environment, and large battles turn into mosh-pits with no score tally rather than the crisp combat and objective game modes we are accustomed to in Destiny.

The gameplay and story of The Division is interesting, and comes as a breath of fresh air for the Destiny community that has been, quite frankly, starved for meaningful content for an extended period of time.