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Focused Fire – terminal_mkii

Welcome to Focused Fire, a new series that aims to help newcomers and veterans alike, and highlight a community member who’s going above and beyond.

Reaching the lighthouse on Mercury is one of the most valued accomplishments in Destiny. It is one of the few milestones left to chase for some guardians. Luckily for those still striving to achieve ultimate victory in Trials of Osiris, there are dedicated teachers at /r/CrucibleSherpa.

Terminal MKII, one Crucible Sherpa’s verified tutors, talked about his experiences helping others achieve their goals.


Who are you? What is your favorite subclass to play?

My name is Justin. I go by Terminal or Term when I’m online. I’ve been playing Destiny since the first week of release, and there hasn’t been a game that’s captured my interest as much as Destiny.

My favorite subclass to play is the Voidwalker. It gives you some of the best tools in the game for showing no mercy in the Crucible. Warlocks have the longest melee distance in the game and voidwalker melee has a perk called Life Steal that will regenerate your health on charged melee kill or on any melee hit when wearing the Ram helmet. Not only is the melee one of the best in the game but Axion Bolt grenades can be an amazing grenade when used right.

Everyone says Firebolt grenade with “superburn” is the best in the game, and while I sometimes agree with that, the axion bolt can more actively chase your enemy away from the fight, distract your enemy while they try to shoot them, or create really big explosions with bloom that are capable of just wiping out the enemy team. The Nova Bomb is probably the best super for shutting down other supers and making really big pushes by getting multi-kills.

Finally, Blink is probably one of, if not the best jumps out of any subclass. The mobility aspect of it can be somewhat disorienting for the enemy. Blink can either close or create distance between you and the enemy, which is very useful for pushing aggressively, or evading a bad situation. I credit blink to saving me in many of my firefights.

Most people say that if you’re going to run a Warlock you should be running a Sunsinger, but I disagree. I have seen too many players use self-res as a crutch. This results in a lot of Sunsinger players that push into an engagement without caution. So, relying on self-res can actually be detrimental to your gameplay. Anybody who watches my stream will tell you how quickly self-res can dealt with by sniping them out of the super animation.

As a Verified Sherpa, what’s your role @ /r/CrucibleSherpa?

/r/CrucibleSherpa is a subreddit that was created to provide players willing to teach Crucible skills, starting with Trials of Osiris, to who want to learn how to become better at PvP.

Most of the Sherpa’s, myself included, devote a majority of their time to Trials of Osiris. Although, there are many that will teach any game mode the Crucible has to offer.

 I mainly focus on Trials. It gives a set goal that most players wish to attain, and because of that, Trials gives the player a better sense of achievement. Friday to Monday I spend about 12-15 hours a day streaming trials gameplay and helping people with runs. Lighthouse is of course the end goal, but the primary goal is to teach you things you didn’t know before, or help you work on specific aspects of your game. I’ve been a Sherpa since July 2015 and it’s been one of the most fulfilling parts of Destiny for me.”

We certainly help players get there, but we don’t tell them to sit in the corner and let us do all the work. I like all of my Sherpees to be in the firefights with us, and actively participating in the matches. It’s the best way to learn. I am willing to work with players during the week in regular Crucible as well, but I do not actively do this since I am normally running with clan mates that I don’t get a chance to play with when Trials is up. All anyone has to do is send me a message on XBL or talk to me during my weekday streams and we can set something up.

Finding terminal_mkii‘s in Trials

The best place to find me is in my stream on the weekend. Even if you aren’t looking for a Lighthouse run, I actively read the chat and will answer any questions that people might have while I’m playing.

I use a raffle system to determine who gets the next Trials run so all you have to do is be in stream when I start the raffle, and then enter the raffle. If you’re chosen you will have the next run. I found this the best method, because it keeps those who genuinely want to learn how to play better around. A list system often results in people showing up to put their name on the list and then they only come back when it’s their time. For the most part, I found that the list system really promoted people who just wanted to be carried to the Lighthouse, and that’s not what I spend so much time running Trials to do.

Helping Out

I’ve previously helped out on the Crucible Sherpa charity stream for Child’s Play last December, which was a 48 hour stream that ended up being closer to 60 hours of streaming. A bunch of the streamers from Crucible Sherpa and Destiny Sherpa got together and streamed for several hours and then passed the stream to person. This was a really fun experience for charity streaming and gave me insight on how to have a successful charity stream.

This weekend, I am doing a spur of the moment charity stream to raise money for my sister’s dog. She slipped a disk and needs a pretty expensive operation. This had very little advanced advertisement, so it’s been awesome to have raised as much as we have so far.

I’ve got another charity event that I would like to do in early April so stay tuned for that!


Guardians, let’s go grab Kara’s res. Term will provide the cover fire. Be sure to check out terminal_mkii & his buddy Kspit MkII.

Terminal streams from 1 pm – 12 am EST on Friday, 12 am – 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and Monday from 3 pm – 10 pm.