vex mythoclast review

Vex Mythoclast Exotic Review

…a causal loop within the weapon’s mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into… Vex Mythoclast is a primary, Exotic Fusion Rifle. It can only be acquired by defeating Atheon on hard mode, and it will never be sold by Xûr. 8/10 8.4/10 The good: Bonus damage from Crowd Control, ignores shields. The bad: Low range and ammo reserve. Conclusion: Excellent perks, overall it’s great, but not powerful enough. Read the full review here This is an Exotic WeaponFusion Rifle (Primary Weapon) Solar Base Damage/Upgraded279/323 Quality Lvl70 Impact 35 Range 54 Stability 64 Reload 72 Charge

Infinite Materials & Chests

Published on: Sep 30, 2014 @ 15:34 If you’re in need of Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, or Spirit Bloom, the following videos show how easy it is to gather them indefinitely. You’ll also be able to do this for chests as well. This will likely be patched soon, so take advantage of this while you can. Videos: Endless chests & infinite materials This method of farming works anywhere that you can collect and quickly leave before the item disappears. For other Destiny materials, our complete Material farming guide has you covered! [divider]Datto Talks Crucible In other news, Datto has an excellent breakdown as usual about