The Saterienne Rapier Review

To the death! The Saterienne Rapier is a Legendary primary scout rifle. This weapon is purchasable from the Crucible Quartermaster, and can also be rewarded randomly. 7.6/10 8.7/10 The good: High stability, quick reload speed, great default perks. The bad: Average range, low magazine size. Conclusion: Its vendor perks are too good to pass up. Read the full review here This is a Legendary WeaponScout Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded272/331 Quality Lvl60 Rate of Fire 37 Impact 48 Range 74 Stability 52 Reload 74 Magazine Size 13 Aim Assist 44 Equip Speed 53 Recoil Direction 63 Zoom 20 Talent