the ram exotic helm year 2

The Ram: What You Can Live Through?

The Ram is an Exotic helmet for the Warlock that, among other things, increases the overall armor stat for the wearer. With the vast majority of strong PvP weapons had their damages slightly tuned down since the December Weapon Update, there is a surprising amount of both weapons and subclass abilities that it’s able to stand up to. Keep in mind that all 3 Warlock subclasses are all capable of hitting the same level of Max Armor via their own skill trees. Therefore, each Warlock subclass is capable of tanking the same things below (excluding the ones involving Radiance, as

HoW Exotic Armor Review

Published on: May 19, 2015 @ 12:05 It’s official: the House of Wolves Exotics are finalized and in the database. We’ve seen some changes from the original data-mined set, but overall the forecast is similar. Now that we’ve had some time to consider what we’re looking at, I’m sure you’re all wondering if your early favorites are still worth chasing. ¬†Well never fear, we’re going to go over each piece of Exotic armor in detail and assess their worth for PvP and PvE alike. We’ll have a video reviews of the fully upgraded armor as soon as possible! Click on