dragon's breath exotic review

Taken King: Dragon’s Breath Exotic Review v.2

Burn the world. Burn it all. Dragon’s Breath is an Exotic Rocket Launcher. Compare the Heavy Exotics here. 4/10 8.5/10 The good: Great at taking down grouped enemies or stationary bosses. The bad: Unless combined with The Taikonaut, it’s not too good in PvP. Conclusion: 6 of these in a raid? Super fun. This is an Exotic WeaponRocket Launcher (Heavy Weapon) Solar Base Damage280/? Best In?PvE Rate of Fire 18 Blast Radius 60 Velocity 30 Stability 66 Reload 52 Magazine Size 1 Aim Assist 25 Equip Speed 60 Recoil Direction 80 Zoom 20 Talent Upgrades Tree NAPALM Release trigger after