Stormcaller Subclass Overview: Updated!

Published on: Aug 26, 2015 @ 19:22 If Nightstalker had the most changes, and Sunbreaker the fewest, then Stormcaller falls somewhere in between. The new Warlock subclass was more than just bare bones, but had a few perks that didn’t connect strongly to the tone or feel of the class, and a few more whose abilities were ill-defined or lacking. Bungie has spiffed up the Sith Lord for their final build, and we’re excited to take a second look, straight into the eye of the storm. [divider] Stormcaller Grenades Bungie very wisely removed Lightning Grenade from the Stormcaller’s available pool.

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Stormcaller Overview

Published on: Jun 23, 2015 @ 18:24 Note: This subclass has been updated – click here to see the latest talents! The Stormcaller has barged into Destiny and is shaping up to make quite a splash. This article will outline everything we know so far, going talent-by-talent to explain just how we think the Stormcaller is going to fare. [divider] Stormcaller Grenades Lightning Grenade: The Striker Titan’s coveted and immensely powerful Grenade now is in the hands of the Warlock. We find this grenade to be one of the best in Destiny, and the Warlock is certainly poised to abuse it to its fullest potential. Pulse