More Gamestop Exclusives?

According to a Reddit post from an alleged Gamestop employee, it was announced today in a manager’s meeting for Activision games that if you pre-order the new Call of Duty: Advance Warfare when you pick up Destiny, you’ll get an exclusive black & gold shader. The Redditor seems reliable based on his history but says an official announcement won’t happen until 8/28/14. A local Gamestop was unable to verify but didn’t deny the possibility. Shaders are in-game items used to change the color of the armor your Guardians are wearing. They come in many combinations and can be gained a

The Guardians at the Head of the Dinner Table

In a Community Spotlight today, DeeJ profiled one of the many new groups springing up now that we’ve actually got to play the game. Dads of Destiny is, surprise, a group of gaming dads looking to play Destiny with other like-minded individuals that have similar schedules and family needs. As a perfect example of players helping players, and making good use of the new clan and alliance system, Dads of Destiny consists of a main group that everyone is welcome to join and a separate clan for each available platform, even differentiating timezones to optimize clan playtime. When asked who

The Details of Your Destiny

Today, in a mid-week news update, Bungie released some amazingly detailed images of Guardians and their weapons, complete with scale measurements. Deej started by making a statement about becoming legend with your Guardian in Destiny: To play Destiny is to create a unique character. You select a class and become legend through combinations of weapons and gear. The game is an invitation to project yourself into our brave new world – to harness your creativity and channel it into the perfection of your hero. Creativity is what they’re feeding and hope to inspire here. They released these images into the