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New Debts – Chapter 5

Click here to read chapter 4. [divider] After I took a few deep breaths and got a hold of myself, I started trying to figure out what to do next. Clearly, Kara hadn’t known about this wooden plaque, or she would never have sent me to look into Rupert’s death. Her mother had almost certainly been through the apartment, but the plaque was still here, so that meant probably no one had found it. A family member trying to protect the reputation of a deceased relative, and the family, would certainly have burned or trashed something like this. There are

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New Debts – Chapter 3

Click here to read Chapter 1. [divider] The Last City is a complex place. New and old, unified yet divided. People from all over the world got here by whatever means they could. It’s a city of survivors, believers, and hopeful people who know humanity is on the edge of extinction, yet most people feel a sense of pride about that. Though we be few, we be mighty—that type of thing. Bits of Golden Age technology are always cropping up to be used by people who were brought up learning to make fire to survive and to kill or be killed.