touch of malice exotic scout review

The Taken King: Touch of Malice Exotic Review

“Let them feel every lash, every curse, every touch of malice that they first dealt to me.” —Eris Morn Touch of Malice is an Exotic primary scout rifle that can only be acquired through its Exotic Quest. 7.9/10 9.6/10 The good: Infinite ammo, perfect for bosses. The bad: Not great in PvP, long Questline to get it. Conclusion: “Keep calm and Touch of Malice.” This is an Exotic WeaponScout Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage310 Best In?PvE Rate of Fire 52 Impact 35 Range 64 Stability 40 Reload 51 Magazine Size 11 Aim Assist 40 Equip Speed 45 Recoil Direction