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Updated Iron Banner Reforge Guide

Published on: Jun 1, 2015 @ 18:29 With the latest Iron Banner, the armor has been aesthetically updated, and the weapons have been changed to fall in line with the House of Wolves perk set. This guide will attempt to give you some of the best options to look for when Reforging at the Gunsmith. Be sure to check out our PvE-specific Reforge suggestions too. If you have a pre-HoW (“I”) IB weapon, we have another guide with our recommendations for Reforging that set; you’ll find old perks like Final Round and Hammer Forged on those. For more IB help, check out our general tips


Iron Banner Reforge Guide

Updated on: Apr 28, 2015 @ 17:52 With enough Motes of Light, you’ve got the opportunity to Reforge any Iron Banner weapon. With persistence and a little luck, you can essentially create the perfect weapon for your playstyle, and this article will show off some of the best perk choices. To reroll the perks on an Iron Banner weapon, simply equip it and talk to Lord Salad[man]in. We also have a general tips and tricks guide for Iron Banner and a complete Control guide, with strategies for each map. [divider] Reforging to Perfection Jolder’s Hammer Aggressive Ballistics You’ll get more damage out of this ballistics