Gheleon's Demise vs rapier review

Gheleon’s Demise Review

A marksman’s weapon forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner. Gheleon’s Demise is a Legendary primary scout rifle. This weapon is purchasable from Lord Saladin and can be Reforged. 8.2/10 8.7/10 The good: Highest Impact & range. The bad: Lowest RoF & stability. Conclusion: Amazing PvE weapon. Read the full review here This is a Legendary WeaponScout Rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded272/331 Quality Lvl60 Rate of Fire 27 Impact 61 Range 84 Stability 29 Reload 52 Magazine Size 15 Aim Assist 26 Equip Speed 22 Recoil Direction 76 Zoom 20 Talent Upgrades Tree (from the vendor)