Iron Banner Control Guide

Iron Banner starts today! The default vendor rolls aren’t too bad this time around – start grinding for Rank 5! Remember to wear the IB emblem, shader, and class item to get the most reputation. The Iron Banner sniper & pulse rifle can drop at the end of matches if you don’t want these rolls. Bounty Description Heavy Iron Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with a Heavy Weapon. Iron Determination Defeat 7 enemy Guardians while your team has the lead. Iron Gauntlet Impress Lord Saladin with extraordinary feats in the Iron Banner. Iron Hued Win an Iron Banner match with any Iron

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Destiny Taken King: Iron Banner Rift Guide

All hail the Iron Lords! Level advantages are enabled in Iron Banner, so your Light should be as strong as possible. New Matchmaking: Live Now! Iron Banner Ends: Tuesday, February 2nd, 12 AM PST Available from post-game: Rank 2: Boots Rank 3: Chest Piece, PlayStation Helmet, Scout Rifle Rank 4: Fusion Rifle Available from Lord Saladin: Rank 3: Class Item, PlayStation Class Item Rank 4: Chest Piece, Scout Rifle Rank 5: Fusion Rifle [divider] Bounties Wear the IB emblem, shader, and class item to get the most reputation! Avoid the loss of Reputation Package rewards by claiming Rank 3 packages before reaching

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Iron Banner 4.0 Guide

Published on: Jan 13, 2015 @ 1:11 What is Iron Banner? The Iron Banner seeks great champions to lead the fight against the Darkness. It was born to honor the Iron Lords and their efforts in the earliest days of the City. Iron Banner will last until January 20th, 4 AM EST. In normal Crucible matches, your character level and equipment’s Attack/Defense stats do not matter, as all weapons deal the same base damage relative to their archetype. However, in matches where Level Advantages are enabled (IB & Trials of Osiris), those stats do matter and will function similarly – though not

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New Iron Banner Gear & Bounties

Published on: Nov 15, 2014 @ 16:13 With this Iron Banner, there’s a few new armor pieces as well as updated bounties that are more rewarding. For more about what’s changed, check out this guide.[divider] What Hasn’t Changed You’re randomly rewarded armor and weapons when you win a match. Unlock more gear for purchase from Lord Saladin by increasing your rank. Your previous Iron Banner rank has been preserved for this (and only this) Iron Banner. What’s New Only players Level 20 and above can lead a Fireteam. New armor for each class. There are now five reputation ranks, which will be reset at