hunger of crota review

Hunger of Crota Review

Would you defy Me? I am the eater of hope. Hunger of Crota is a Legendary heavy rocket launcher. This weapon has the chance to drop after defeating Crota in Crota’s End. 7/10 8.4/10 The good: Tracking rockets, cluster bombs, excellent damage against Hive Majors. The bad: Linear Compensator and Aggressive Launch don’t work (bug?). Conclusion: Preforms well in PvE; a great alternative to the Exotic rocket launchers. Read the full review here This is a Legendary WeaponRocket Launcher (Heavy Weapon) Solar Base Damage/Upgraded300/331 Quality Lvl60 Rate of Fire 11 Blast Radius 68 Velocity 78 Stability 62 Reload 71 Magazine