destiny taken king first curse exotic review

The First Curse Exotic Review

“…is when death becomes an afterthought.” The First Curse is an Exotic primary Hand Cannon that was introduced with The Taken King – follow this Quest guide to get it! 5.7/10 6/10 The good: Sound design. The bad: Slow reload speed. Conclusion: Worst Exotic hand cannon. This is an Exotic WeaponHand Cannon (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage290/? Best In?Meh Rate of Fire 15 Impact 94 Range 32 Stability 12 Reload 22 Magazine Size 8 Aim Assist 90 Equip Speed 20 Recoil Direction 90 Zoom 15 Talent Upgrades Tree DEAD EYE Bonus to range, stability, and movement speed when aiming down