House of Wolves Grimoire

Published on: May 18, 2015 @ 11:47 The House of Wolves Grimoire is available to read early! Click on an image to enlarge it, and click the dropdown to read each entry. Major spoilers below. [divider] Weapons [toggle title=”Ghost Fragment: Thorn 3″ state=”close” ] TYPE: Transcript. DESCRIPTION: Conversation. PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1] Ghost-type, designate [REDACTED] [u.1], One [1] Guardian-type, Class [REDACTED] [u.2] ASSOCIATIONS: [REDACTED]; Breaklands; Durga; Last Word; Malphur, Shin; North Channel; Palamon; Thorn; Velor; Ward, Jaren; WoS; Yor, Dredgen; //AUDIO UNAVAILABLE// //TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS…/ [u.1:0.1] You were not always this man. [u.2:0.1] True. [u.1:0.2] Then the math says you