Goodnight, Hard Light

Now that Hotfix is out and Hard Light is dethroned (I won’t miss you), we need to talk about what happened and which weapon you’ll want in your Energy slot for the Crucible. Adaptive Frame Auto Rifles are still the king in the Crucible, and you have plenty of good options in the Energy slot if you can’t be asked to part with your Revoker.

Hard Light Exotic Review

Contributing author: Joel; updated 3/27/15 Ionized polymer synballistic attack platform. The system’s lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces. Hard Light is an Exotic Auto Rifle. This weapon can be acquired as a random reward from the Crucible or PvE content, or from Xûr for 23 Strange Coins. 7/10 6.4/10 The good: High rate of fire, Volatile Light perk is fun. The bad: Impact and range are low. Conclusion: Needs more Impact and/or a non-Kinetic damage type to be truly effective. Read the full review here This is an Exotic WeaponAuto rifle (Primary Weapon) Kinetic Base Damage/Upgraded260/300 Quality Lvl70 Rate