dreg's promise sidearm exotic review

Dreg’s Promise Exotic Review

“I am a marvel with ten thousand arms.” Dreg’s Promise is an Exotic special sidearm. This weapon is obtained after completing The Elder Cipher Exotic bounty. 7.7/10 7.6/10 The good: Insane RoF, quick reload speed, high stability. The bad: Low range, shots have a travel time, unique perk hardly helps. Conclusion: Perfect fusion rifle alternative. This is an Exotic WeaponSidearm (Special Weapon) Arc Base Damage365 Quality Lvl70 Rate of Fire 100 Impact 5 Range 41 Stability 79 Reload 86 Magazine Size 18 Aim Assist 70 Equip Speed 50 Recoil Direction 80 Zoom 12 Talent Upgrades Tree Arc Damage This weapon

Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty Guide

Published on: May 23, 2015 @ 11:59 The Elder Cipher is the new Exotic bounty introduced with House of Wolves. Completing this will allow you to choose 1 of 3 new Exotic Fallen-themed Special weapons. This guide will explain each step and exactly what you need to do to complete it. [divider] “How do you get it?” The Elder Cipher is acquired in level 34 & 35 Prison of Elders and has a chance to drop after defeating the final boss. You’re not guaranteed this bounty, and there’s nothing you can do to increase your chances of it dropping. It won’t drop on