Shin Malphur: In the Shadow of Yor

Shin Malphur, the famous “Man with the Golden Gun,” killer of Dredgen Yor in the battle at Dwindler’s Ridge, has long been regarded as a hero; a champion of the Light who cannot abide even an ounce of Darkness among other Guardians. But the legend he has built for himself is no more than a façade, carefully crafted to maintain a specific appearance, below which hides a network of deception, deeper than any among the Light or Dark could have anticipated…

Spinfoil Sunday: Who was Dredgen Yor?

Feature image artwork by Buckle up, Guardians, and put on your Spinfoil hats. Because this week, we’re tackling a endlessly inspiring, endlessly fascinating, and endlessly frustrating topic: Thorn. And more specifically, the identity of Dredgen Yor. Since the days of Vanilla Destiny, Thorn has been one of the community’s favorite subjects. The corruption of a Guardian. The showdown on Dwindler’s Ridge. The Spaghetti Space Western-ness of it all. And some of the creepiest Grimoire cards in the game. But one question remained: who was Dredgen Yor, before Thorn corrupted him? Many theories have been offered: Jaren Ward is Yor. Shin