Firestream Guardian Wallpapers

The ever talented fan-artist Firestream, just released a Destiny Titan wallpaper for you to use to your hearts content. The reason the title says “Wallpapers” is because Firestream noted that he plans to make similar wallpapers for both the Warlock and the Hunter. I’ll add the new ones to this post when they become available. Check out more of Firestream’s artwork on his site. [divider] More Destiny Wallpapers For more awesome Destiny wallpapers, be sure to check out our¬†Wallpapers page¬†here on [button color=”white” size=”big” link=”” ]Click here for more Destiny Wallpapers[/button]  

Awesome New Wallpapers!

Destiny Overwatch recreated some of the existing Destiny wallpapers with their new set in-game character models. I must say that these look seriously awesome. Add them to your wallpaper collection today! Also you can check out a ton more Destiny wallpapers here. Awe