Beta Now LIVE on Xbox and PlayStation

Hey guys! The beta is now live for Xbox users (check your email for codes), and is back up and running for PlayStation users. This is a little ahead of schedule, but I don’t think anyone is complaining. announcement. Waiting for a Destiny Beta download code for your Xbox ONE or Xbox 360? Check your email. Now! — Bungie (@Bungie) July 22, 2014 [yframe url=’’] What are you waiting for? The Last City needs you! [divider] If you have any awesome screenshots or gameplay clips. Feel free to share them with us!  

Everything You Need to Know About the Beta

With the Destiny Beta launching on July 17th for Playstation users and on July 23rd for Xbox users, it would be useful to know what you are getting yourself into. Check out MoreConsole’s informative summary of everything you need to know about the Beta. You can also read Bungie’s beta FAQ here. IGN | 7 Secrets Bungie Doesn’t Want You to Miss in the Beta

Beta Gameplay Details

According to an alleged promotional flyer from GameStop/EB games, the Destiny beta will include: Four story chapters Four competitive multiplayer maps (Shores of Time, Rusted Lands, Blind Watch, First Light) A cooperative strike A huge world to explore with your unique guardian The flyer was posted on the Destiny subreddit and is still considered a rumor until an official statement has been made.