Hidden Subclass Bonuses

Published on: Oct 8, 2014 @ 14:37 The following subclass upgrades also increase your class attributes slightly. For a complete guide to armor modifications, click here.[divider] Subclass Bonuses Bladedancer Better Control (Recovery +1) Fleet Footed (Agility +1) Gunslinger Circle of Life (Armor +1) Over the Horizon (Recovery +1) Defender Increased Control (Agility +1) Untouchable (Armor +1) Striker Headstrong (Agility +1) Unstoppable (Armor +1) Voidwalker Annihilate (Agility +1) Angry Magic (Armor +1) Sungsinger Flameshield (Armor +1) Angel of Light (Agility +1) [divider]Intellect, Discipline & Strength In other armor related news, WikiGameGuides did some testing on the bonus effects of Intellect, Discipline and Strength, measuring how beneficial having a 100% bonus