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Crimson Bonds & Doubles Bounties

Crimson Days has begun! The festivities will last until February 16th, 1AM PST. Need Elimination Doubles tips? Click here! Additional classified quests were added to the database, but only Crimson Bonds is currently available: Crimson Bonds Quest 1. Double Date Complete 7 Crucible matches in the Crimson Doubles playlist while in a Fireteam. 2. Return to Shaxx Go back to Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Guardians to receive your reward. [divider] Bounties These bounties only work in the Crimson Doubles playlist. Teammates will also be able to help you with these. Crimson Days has 1 Weekly Bounty, as well as 5 Daily Bounties that

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Crimson Doubles Guide

Crimson Days will last from February 9th – 16th and will showcase a new Doubles variant, with rewards and consumables relevant to the Valentine’s theme. Level advantages are not enabled. [divider] Loot Crimson Candy – Upon using this consumable, you and all other members of your fireteam gain increased experience gains on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes. Ghost Shells Shaders Emblem Emotes If you’re like me and are still searching for that perfect 320 Shell, this is a good place to get it. Crimson Doubles features new gameplay mechanics with a unique buff. The mode itself is 2v2 Elimination, which means