best gunsmith weapon perks

Gunsmith Primaries – Best Perks

Scout Rifles High-Impact Cocytus SR4 Pros – Very fast Time-to-Kill. High Range. Above average Reload Speed. Fair Mag Size for the Impact class. Cons – Low Aim Assist. Average Stability. Time-to-Kill: 0.80s (3 crit shots) Recommended Perks: Column 1 – Torch HS2 Column 2 – Life Support, Triple Tap, Icarus Column 3 – Hand-laid Stock Column 4 – Third Eye, Zen Moment, Eye of the Storm, Firefly, Grenadier, Army of One You really need Torch and Hand-laid Stock to make this gun into the PvP monster it’s capable of being. The added AA of the sight, and the huge boost