sounds of destiny recap

Sounds of Destiny Recap

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Before we fired up the orchestra, we unveiled our new partnership with Twitch. Bungie Foundation Manager Christine Edwards was on hand to talk about how subscribers (we dub you “Vanguards”) will help us make the real world a better place. Then we debuted a brand new Bungie ViDoc about the people who create The Sounds of Destiny.

What followed was a panel discussion about voice acting. Audio Director C Paul Johnson and Creative Story Lead CJ Cowan repped the Bungie angle. Special guests Morla Gorrondona and Kirsten Potter stepped out from behind their characters to tell their own stories.

Huge thanks to Morla and Kirsten for spending some time with us, and for bringing characters to life that players wanted to get to know better.

Since it’s “Audio Week” at Bungie, help yourself to some Destiny Soundtracks at a discount. The Bungie Store will be your dealer.


A Price on Your Head

Monday on Twitch, we’re putting a Bounty on Clan Resolute!

Join us on Twitch to see who can beat us at our own game.

Bungie Bounty – Rift
Monday, March 14th
11am – 1pm Pacific
PlayStation 4

Senior Designer Steve Dolan will join us from the Live Team to swap notes on Clan culture with one of the more notorious teams in the Destiny community. Cozmo will be our designated trigger-man from the Community Team. And me? I’ll be in the rear with the gear, mixing it up in chat. The standard dare applies, of course: Kick our asses, win one of these.

It’s not going to be easy this time. Rumor has it that REZO is assembling a wrecking crew. Tune in to see who wins. If you’re a Clan leader, or someone who has always wondered what all the hype is about, our conversation between matches will be all about the cooperative phenomenon that turns gamers into teammates – and so much more.