Ship & Sparrow Shaders Revealed!

Published on: Oct 27, 2014 @ 10:17

Ship and Sparrow shader customization is coming to Destiny! This is likely coming in the Dark Below expansion.[divider]

Ship & Vehicle Template

The game’s database reveals 2 materials that will give us the option to apply shaders to our rides. Unfortunately we don’t have many images of what these shaders will look like in-game, as it’s not available yet.

For ships, the “Ship Shader Template” – it’s description reads, “A reverse engineered shell that allows a Shader to interface with ship hull coatings.”

For Sparrows, the “Vehicle Shader Template” – it’s description reads, “A layer of translation code that allows a shader to interface with vehicle coatings.”

You can see 3 possible shaders from the “Ship Shader Template” in this image:


It’s unknown how exactly these will be obtained. Perhaps this will be something Xûr offers? What do you guys think?

[divider]Custom Shaders?

In addition to the materials above, it seems Bungie will answer our call for more shader options!

The “Shader Data” item allows for “more complex” options. It’s description reads, “Code tweaks and mods for more complex armor shaders.”

[divider]New Ship Designs

While digging around I was able to find new ships coming with the expansions, as well as some models that haven’t been uncovered yet.

[divider]Expansion Ships

The table below lists every currently known Legendary ship that will be in Destiny’s Dark Below/House of Wolves expansion.

You can view these in our database here.

  Name Description
80 Proofreader Correction by erasure.
icon5e57881c95c7b5e61fc9ca2ad4d61e1c Act on Instinct There’s never time to think.
Aries Ascendant The bull smells battle.
Atalanta’s Hunt
Never stop for golden apples.
Bane of Dark Gods “I stand defiant.”
Belisarius Defiant There’s only one legitimate authority in this system.
Dream Eater I think she’s hungry.
Eternity to Eternity “What is more frightening: to know that the path is infinite, or to walk that path alone?”
Ether Eater Swift and bright and precious.
Extinction Event Dodging the Permian bullet.
Gliding Hermitage A place for solitude – just you, your thoughts, and the minifridge.
Gloriole Jump The light of NLS travel can be hypnotic.
Ketch Me If You Can Fallen piracy is a perpetual risk during jumps between the inner planets.
Light in the Abyss From out of the dark, up into the light…
Little Light “That’s not funny.”
Newsbreaker And now, the latest –
Obsidian Sonnet The short, sharp song of battle.
Plasma Donor Ready for a tactical injection.
Ripship Pardoner In vacuum, fire flows like water.
Seraphim Toaster Angels are a navigational hazard.
Shark Whisperer No, ship, that’s not a seal…
Smokehouse Six It goes boom.
The Dirigible Incorrigible The price is negligible.
The Fermi Solution We are not alone.
The Teilhard War All things converge.
The Visible Hand Lead from the front.
Ticktock Inquisitor Time is very short…
Vienna Singer RHO-8a Teng Tactical Combatant
Vintage Russian Soul The old blood of Murmansk.
Void Philosopher The Copernican principle is a way to feel small.
Zephyr Rig The winds are all concordant.