rusted lands trials tips

Rusted Lands Trials Tips

rusted lands trials callouts


Choke Points

The ‘Tunnel’ callout marked on this map was called ‘Suicide’ for my teammates and stream viewers for good reason; unless you know there is no one even remotely close to it, it is suicide to try and push down there. It is by far the biggest choke point and incredibly tough to revive anyone stuck down there.

To avoid the chokepoints seen:

  • You can try and push over the top of the wall in C Yard, or go below C and use the corridor underneath which many people do not suspect. ‘Ninja’ is a well known spot, and can be a mixed result.
  • Push B flag and go to ‘B Path’ and ‘Top field’ to avoid Tunnel.

rusted lands choke points


This week was the first week that the Special Ammo changes affected Trials of Osiris; this led to a high increase in the use of Icebreaker/Invective first round to get special ammo, and an increase in sidearms which spawn with 36 rounds (when spawning with 1 or no extra sidearm ammo perks).

People who did not make use of these methods to gain special ammo in the first round, were generally at a severe disadvantage. Unable to gain special ammo, a ‘snowballing’ effect would occur, where the enemy kept getting special ammo and were able to roll over you while you could not get any. In my opinion this Special Ammo change has done nothing in Trials but hinder less experienced teams, who are unaware of the ways to gain special ammo without getting a box.

  • Bravo – Play slow, push to B flag and defend that area until you can grab Tunnel and B Special.
  • Alpha – Play slow, defend Low Field and watch for enemies flanking at Top Field to grab special ammo at A Special and Low Special.


This is an exceptionally good map for snipers, providing long sightlines, and lots of open areas for snipers to work with. It made controlling orbs easy, to res snipe, and forced your opponents to either push you into Close Quarter encounters, or trying to counter-snipe.

Ensure you avoid jumping straight up on top of ‘Water Tower’ when you spawn Alpha side, this was a death sentence for everyone I played against, as the first thing I do is jump on top of ‘Truck’ and hit them as they entered this No-Fly zone.


  • ‘Water Tower’ or ‘Bottom Field’ to ‘C Yard’ or ‘Beach’
  • ‘Mini Room’ to ‘C Yard’
  • ‘Top Field’ to ‘Bottom Field’
    • ‘A Flag Window’ to ‘Bottom Field’ or ‘Ninja’
  • ‘Tunnel’ – All of it. Avoid.
  • ‘B Special’ or ‘Broken’ to ‘Top Field’ or through ‘B Door’



It was normally very obvious in the first or second round whether a team was pushing in one direction and trying to defend it; to prevent these stalemates at Low Field/C Yard and at Top Field/B Path, it was best to send one person to flank the opposite direction with a sniper/ranged primary to catch them off guard.

This was especially effective at catching the enemy off guard as they were suddenly out in the open and having to fight on two fronts. You had to be especially careful though, the 2 teammates who stay behind to distract while 1 flanks had to stay alive, or risk everything. If this situation occurred, the enemy would usually push 3v1 to control the orb, leaving the flanker out of position and unable to assist his teammates.


Ramblinnn’s Tips

What strategy do you use on this map?

In terms of strategy, it’s best to look at how I operate with a Co-Sherpa. For example, when I run with a confident sniper such as DrLupo, we’ll usually have him challenge the spawn snipes to or from water tower while I make my way around the flank. In this situation, it’s best to have our third supporting him both to provide cover fire and serve as a distraction as I make my way through B.

Not much changes between spawns, although I will say that it’s a bit tougher to challenge the spawn snipe from water tower side without putting yourself in a risky spot. In this case, we’ll often work to take control of the flag zone (near B) instead.

How does your play style change when you’re the last man standing?

When the tables flip on me and I’m Last Guardian Standing, my mindset shifts to a tighter selection of engagement choices. My goal is to break the situation down from one 1v3 to three 1v1s. This often means taking a lot of risks in order to catch opponents off guard, and ultimately culminates in a series of orb lockdowns as I gain more and more map control or secure my teammate’s revives.

What is the most important thing to be ‘good’ at?

The most common tip I give is to enjoy yourself. If you ever get to the point that you’re dropping games purely to ‘salt’ or ‘rage,’ it’s important to step back and take look at what you’re doing with your free time. You’re playing a video game. If you’re not having fun doing it, you’re wasting that free time, and maybe it’s time to take a break. So my advice here is to know your limits. There’s nothing wrong with setting the Lighthouse as the ultimate goal, but you should enjoy your time in the Trials for what it is, and not what you want it to be.