imago loop legendary review

PvP Roll Guide: Imago Loop


Imago Loop

Available from Echo Chamber or Undying Mind as a random drop.


  • Pros – High range. Above average mag size. Very high recoil direction (almost entirely vertical recoil).
  • Cons – Low stability and equip speed. Below average aim assist and reload speed.
  • Time-to-Kill: 0.86s (1 crit shot and 2 body shots)
  • Rate of Fire: 22
  • Impact: 87 (86 damage per crit shot, 57 damage per body shot)
  • Range: 40
  • Stability: 32
  • Reload Speed: 33
  • Mag Size: 10
  • Aim Assist: 61

Recommended Perks:

  • Column 1 – SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Column 2 – Rangefinder, Outlaw, Hot Swap, Spray and Pray, Underdog
  • Column 3 – Rifled Barrel, Smallbore, Reinforced Barrel, Hammer Forged, Braced Frame, Explosive Rounds, Hand Loaded
  • Column 4 – Hidden Hand/Icarus, Luck in the Chamber, Third Eye, Reactive Reload, Life Support, Grenadier, Army of One

Basically the exact same as last weeks Finnala’s Peril recommendations, since both weapons are in the same impact sub class and benefit from the same perks.

As always, the two best sights on HCs are SureShot and TrueSight, since they both help to boost the average base aim assist, but I would say they’re the least important part of a great roll.

In the second column, Rangefinder is universally considered to be the very best perk, and no God-roll is complete without it. Outlaw is a passable second option, but after that it’s a steep drop off to Hot Swap and Spray and Pray, neither of which are optimal choices. Underdog brings up the rear, but at least it can give you a range bonus in some situations.

In the third column, Rifled Barrel is again the universally acclaimed choice, but Smallbore, Hammer Forged, and Reinforced Barrel (if you don’t care about the massive hit to stability) are all very passable second options. If you are trying to get a Luck in the Chamber build, Smallbore and Braced Frame will be your two best choices. Explosive Rounds and Hand Loaded bring up the rear of the preferred perks in this slot, with ER greatly increasing your opponents flinch, and HL giving a minute boost to the range stat.

In the final column, Hidden Hand and Icarus are my two top choices, given their all around usefulness, but some people will want Luck in the Chamber, depending upon their play-style. Third Eye is always solid in PvP, and Reactive Reload can be put to fantastic use situationally, so don’t sleep on either of those. Life Support, Grenadier, and Army of One are all also decent options, so you really can’t go wrong in this column, unless you get Mulligan.