Poll: PlanetDestiny Content

Published on: Oct 14, 2014 @ 17:04

In last week’s poll we asked about Iron Banner, and whether or not you all were enjoying it. We got a lot of great responses from people who chose “No” and hopefully Bungie will take your criticisms and improve it in the future.

iron banner poll

DeeJ talked a lot about Iron Banner in the weekly update, and it was brought up in a Guardian Radio podcast, and basically he said that it will work differently the next time we have access to it. [divider]

What content do you want us to put extra focus on?

This week we’d like to know what you all think about our content. Our goal is to branch out and cover as much as possible, and we want to know what you all are most interested in.

What do you enjoy most? exotic weapon reviews? class guides? If we’re currently not covering a topic that you want to read on this site or watch on our YT channel, please share that with us in the comments below – we read them all!

We’ll still be covering all of the latest news and post original articles as much as we can, but the feedback we get this from this poll will let us know what to put extra time and effort into.

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