Podcast Playoffs: Crucible Radio v. Planet Destiny

Podcast Playoffs: Crucible Radio vs PD

PopeBear issued the challenge, and you know the boys from Crucible Radio couldn’t refuse…

On Thursday, February 18th at 8:30PST/11:30 PM EST, hosts of the PD and Crucible Radio podcasts will be facing off in Destiny in a battle of strategy and skill.


How, you ask? They’ll be utilizing a matchmaking technique where two teams of 3 search for a game at the same time in the Classic 3v3 playlists. They’ll match-make until they get paired up, and will proceed to play a best out of 5 scrimmage session to determine an overall winner.

These matchups have been going on for awhile despite the rag-tag, unofficial method, and quite a few Destiny tournaments have come and gone with great success.

Both teams will be following rules laid out by the group of top-tier competitive players that participate in said tournaments. A full list can be found here, but these are the most prominent restrictions:

  • No exotic armor
  • No heavy ammo
  • No duplicate subclasses on a team (if a team is all Hunters, there must be one Bladedancer, one Gunslinger, one Nightstalker, etc)
  • No classic-specific exotic/legendary weapons (Tlaloc, Stillpiercer)
  • No max-armor Titan builds
  • No capturing the zone if playing Salvage

Both teams are made up of skilled players and fierce competitors – you won’t want to miss this! Be sure to tune over on twitch.tv/planet_destiny to catch the games.PodcastPlayoffs_900 (1)