xur worth buying peregrine greaves

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xur is located in the Tower Hangar entrance.

Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Exotic Gauntlet Engram 19
Legacy Y1 Helm 29
Peregrine Greaves (39/57 INT, 41/59 STR) Titan Striker No 13
Celestial Nighthawk (33/48 INT, 33/48 DISC) Hunter Gunslinger Yes, PvE 13
Obsidian Mind (60/75 INT) Warlock Voidwalker Yes 13
exotic gauntlet engrams
We may see the new Exotics in Spring (they’re locked away as of now)


Peregrine Greavese702526e66c8f04d2de1280890dc6c02

These boots are great in two situations: Super and Ram counter-play. A Striker using a Shoulder Charge on a Radiant Sunsinger, Arc Blade-wielding Bladedancer, or max-Armor Warlock with the Ram Exotic Helmet will be able to take down these deadly foes before they can wreak havoc on a vulnerable team.

However, as this mandates charging headfirst into their path, it also requires perfect timing and zero fear. Aside from the Exotic perk, extra Shotgun & MG Ammo are positive arguments for its use as well. Again though, the Peregrine Greaves are only ever going to have niche utility, so make sure you’ve got a couple other standby Exotics.

Okay, so Brawler, Arc Burn, and Airborne are on. Now it’s great for a Nightfall. But every other time? Not so much. These boots are designed to help you do one thing, and that is to inflict the most damage humanly possible with Shoulder Charge. The problem? Shoulder Charge is already a one-hit kill under normal circumstances in PvP, and is a deeply inefficient killing mechanism in PvE, even with quadruple, or a dozen times the base damage.

You gotta wind-up and cool down, and then what are your weapons even for? These boots have strength as panic killers of roaming Supers but you have to be extremely daring and get the drop on a Guardian that can likely one-shot you at any moment. Intellect/Strength is about the roll you want, though. More Transfusion and Fist of Havoc


Celestial Nighthawk049e2216349f9cd6af6705c3bebf17aa (1)

This helm affects your Golden Gun to be incredibly lethal to any single target, but downright useless in crowds, even with innate Keyhole. Ironically, the pretty-much-maximum of 4 orbs is better in Y2 with Stormcaller and Sunbreaker maxing out at 5 (w/o Keeper of the Pack).

Unfortunately, there’s a smaller niche for the Nighthawk in Oryx staggering with ToM being basically ubiquitous. Still, with Achylophage in a worse place, CN still earns the A tier in PvE. Use it in tandem with a Nightstalker’s Blood Bound tether, and watch everything explode in an instant.

Now that GG can one shot everything in Crucible again, there’s literally no point to running it in PvP. You could take it into Crimson Doubles and murder an opponent so hard they can’t even commit 320 Chocolately Suicide without hearing the lonesome scream of the hawk. Or, y’know, just use a better Exotic.


Obsidian Mind2f313e6e2218bdf8a780beb8496b6aa8

This is still the gold standard for Voidwalker, and the main argument for its continued viability in PvE – the rolls this week are centered around PvE too. Stormcaller may have staying power, but Voidwalker is still top of its class for straight-up instant devastation with peerless orb generation. Without the hard cap of 5, you can still have the potential to easily generate 6-7 orbs by targeting a group (8 if you’re extremely lucky), and depending on the number of enemies, you’ll instantly generate a chunk of Super back.

Obsidian Mind can unleash an orb-productive Super with much more frequency, and while it can’t hang around for 25 unholy seconds, Voidwalker’s are free to get back to weapon DPS without locking themselves into a role.

For OM VWs, those little Nightstalker orb sprinklings are even more important, and nothing is music to their ears more than the sound of some Taken spawning in with a Blight: “Oh look, target practice.”