Relics of Destiny Artwork

The artists have been out in full force this week when it comes to making awesome Destiny creations. Check out this piece done by Firestream as part of a Destiny-themed art project he’s been working on. A most classical feel indeed. Titan Controller Skin Also check out this second Xbox One Controller design by Nicholas_Kruse, this time based on the Titan class. See his first design here.

Weekly Update 1.31.14

Read Bungie’s full Weekly Update here. [divider] This week at Bungie, we gained a fresh perspective. We welcomed friends, old and new, to visit our studio. We palavered. We broke bread. We played a ton of Destiny. This is a rarity, of course – a perk reserved for partners who have joined us on this adventure. Before we launch, we have a lot of ground to cover, and many, many stories to tell. Just like this lone Titan, our chances of success increase exponentially when we choose the right allies and arm them with the gear they’ll need to get

Welcome Our New Writers!

I wanted to thank everyone who applied for the writing positions here at Unfortunately while I couldn’t accept everyone, there may be more spots opening up as we edge closer to Destiny’s release. In the meanwhile, meet our awesome new writers who love talking Destiny. Their analytical articles will be posted throughout the coming months. I’m so excited to have them aboard. [divider] Meet Medicine Man My name is Dylan Thomas, I grew up in a town called Bothell just outside of Seattle, where Bungie HQ is. I’ve been a fan of Bungie’s since they made Myth (I didn’t even

Awesome New Wallpapers!

Destiny Overwatch recreated some of the existing Destiny wallpapers with their new set in-game character models. I must say that these look seriously awesome. Add them to your wallpaper collection today! Also you can check out a ton more Destiny wallpapers here. Awe

Destiny at GDC 2014

Bungie is once again presenting at this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference). While this is not the venue for massive Destiny details to be revealed, there will still be tid bits of new info. Check out Bungie’s event details below, or visit the GDC site. [divider] Bungie at GDC Passes for the Game Developers Conference 2014 are going fast, and today we’re announcing even more sessions for the Main Conference that you’ll want to check out. Today’s highlights include a talk on Destiny‘s character customization system from an artist’s perspective, a rundown of what designers and AI programmers can learn from the enemy

Weekly Update 1.24.14

Sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner, I was AFI this weekend (away from internet). You can read Bungie’s full weekly update here. [divider] This week at Bungie, we plotted and schemed. We made grand and impassioned speeches. We debated and collaborated and came to a consensus. We laughed maniacally, twisting our long and imaginary mustaches. From the reveal of Destiny in February, to the announcement of our September 9th release date, we paved the way for things to come. The sweet morsels of media that sprang from our foundry were only a taste. This year, our ancient engines