Weekly Update 1.24.14

Sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner, I was AFI this weekend (away from internet). You can read Bungie’s full weekly update here. [divider] This week at Bungie, we plotted and schemed. We made grand and impassioned speeches. We debated and collaborated and came to a consensus. We laughed maniacally, twisting our long and imaginary mustaches. From the reveal of Destiny in February, to the announcement of our September 9th release date, we paved the way for things to come. The sweet morsels of media that sprang from our foundry were only a taste. This year, our ancient engines

Vex Hobgoblins Spotted

Zoom, enhance. This Hobgoblin was spotted in the most recent set of screenshots by the guys over at Destiny Overwatch. Hobgoblins are the class of Vex that are higher ranking than the basic goblin unit, but are distinguished by their tails (and their helmets). They are also bigger and tougher than their Goblin counterparts. Learn more about the different enemy classes here.

Weekly Update 1.17.14

Read Bungie’s full Weekly Update here [divider] This week at Bungie, I hunted Cabal. At the end of a long day, Pete Parsons strode into my corner of the studio with a call to arms. “I want to play a Strike.” he said, “Who’s with me?” “I’m in!” OJ said. Then their gaze fell on me. I killed a browser window and gave an eager nod. Just like that, we found ourselves planting footprints in the sands of Mars. After weeks of playtest, and untold hours devoted to progressing over the winter break, our Guardians had become deadly. Clad in armored raiment

The Bungie January Podcast

Hey guys, Bungie just released their first podcast of the new year and it has some actual Destiny details. Unfortunately I don’t have time to listen to the entire thing right now, but if you hear something interesting, let me know in the comments. Here’s Bungie’s description This time, we’ve captured two designers in the recording studio, fresh from their moment in the Game Informer spotlight. Tyson Green is making sure that you’ll kick ass, both alien and domestic, in the name of progress. Lars Bakken is creating competitive multiplayer activities in which you’ll take names as you battle fellow

Enemies in Detail

Guardians will face a diverse arsenal of enemies as they defend the last city on earth. Watch below as MoreConsole discusses some of the interesting details regarding the four main enemies. Also check out the Enemies page here for more info.

Destiny’s Role-playing Elements

We’ve been blessed to see and hear some details about Destiny’s story, gameplay mechanics, even a bit of competitive multiplayer. But one element of the game that hasn’t been talked about a whole lot, would definitely have to be the role-playing. Now, this is probably due to the fact that, at the end of the day, what people care about most is gameplay mechanics, which is rightfully so. But if you’re a role-playing junkie like me, and love to immerse yourself into the game’s world, then I have some speculations that will get you excited. Emote Engagment When it comes