7 Facts You May Have Missed

I recently read an interesting article on Gamespot which rehashes some important Destiny that may have flown under your radar. You’d be surprised with how much you might learn. Head to their site to see the full story. [button color=”white” size=”big” link=”http://www.gamespot.com/articles/seven-facts-about-destiny-you-might-have-missed/1100-6417896/” ]Read full article here[/button] [divider] [checklist] Destiny will never reach a final level of balance Everything in multiplayer is designed with a counter in mind You’ll need to make lasting choices Playlists will change fast and often It’s an action game first and foremost Success doesn’t come from twitch reflexes alone You won’t be exploring a hopeless wasteland

Poll: Do you want a wave-mode?

After seeing a thread about wave gametypes on our forums, I was interested to see what you guys thought about the topic. When I say wave-mode I’m referring to gametypes that put players against never-ending waves of enemies continually growing in strength. Similar to modes like Nazi Zombies from the Call of Duty Franchise, or Horde mode from Gears of War. [divider] Vote here Is this a game variant you would like to see in Destiny? Maybe training of some sort? [polldaddy poll=7830103] [divider] Tell me your thoughts on a Destiny wave-mode in the comments.

The Personalization of Destiny

Despite Bungie’s rather coy attitude towards conforming Destiny to a particular genre or subset, for me, Destiny will always be an RPG more than it is any other type of game. It may have the skin of a first-person shooter or the musculature of an adventure game, but Destiny, down to its very bones, is a social, adventurous, colourful role-playing game with a dash of MMO and a pinch of ‘shared world shooter’ thrown in for good measure. My namesake Ashley Kalym recently posted a superb article on this very site detailing how, regardless of what label people ply to

“It’s Your DESTINY” Giveaway

We’re giving away 1 copy of Destiny completely free! Even if you have already pre-ordered, this would be a great gift to give to a friend. [divider] The Ground Rules Here’s what you will need to do: Reply to this topic on the forums to let me know you’re interested Have at least 350 posts by August 1st 2014 From the people who reply in the topic and have at least 350 posts, those people will go into a “list randomizer” and we’ll choose the winner that way. The winner will be announced August 1st! Good Luck!

Is Destiny an MMO? Who cares!

As many of you have done, I’ve followed the development and process behind making Destiny with much anticipation; ever since I saw that first video detailing exactly what it was Bungie was planning. I didn’t bother worrying or debating about what type of game it was going to be. Was it an FPS? Was it an MMO? Was it an action game? Was it an RPG with FPS elements? These and other concerns never bothered me, but I was very surprised to see how much of a fuss was made by many people over exactly what it was they were