Everything we know about Destiny

This all-encompassing Destiny recap video reviews everything we know thus far about Destiny. It’s a long one, but if you’ve got the time I highly recommended refreshing your Destiny knowledge. Cheers to Destiny Updates for making it easy to digest. [divider] Video Timestamps Story and Setting: 3:49 Guardians: 8:54 Abilities & Gear: 11:57 Cooperative Multiplayer: 16:25 Competitive Multiplayer: 19:03 Enemies: 22:33 Locations: 26:43 Social & Economy: 29:39 Vehicles: 31:49 Matchmaking: 33:33 Misc. Important Details: 34:36 Closing: 40:13

Weekly Update 3.7.14

Read the full Weekly Update here. This week at Bungie, we ventured forth from our Tower on another dangerous mission. Our objective was the same as it always is: World Domination. There are people on this planet who have yet to receive our brave invitation to adventure. Unlike you, the elite community that’s mined and dissected every detail we’ve let slip from our grasp, they know not their destiny. Thus, we’ll plot and scheme behind closed doors in secret meetings with powerful allies, to catch them up to you. The last time Urk and I had an excellent adventure like

Destiny Beta Launch Possibly in May?

This is just speculation If any of ya’ll read Bungie’s latest weekly update, you read this… “…Luke Smith stopped by my desk. When he stops by, I listen. In the golden age of Halo 3, he walked this very beat. Now, he’s a game designer with grand conspiracies to send you screaming into the darkness of Destiny’s endgame. Like a veteran of the force, as he did the other day, he imparts his wisdom on rookie cops like me. “Can you feel it?” he asked. “This is my favorite part. These next eight weeks are where it all comes together.”

Destiny Factions: Food for Thought

    Hello again Guardians. It’s time for another dose of destined medicined food for thought to keep your Destiny fever down. This time, we’re going to speculate about Factions, and The Faction War.      Very little is known about the Factions. What we know is that there are five Factions, with their own names and emblems, and that they are the core of the fiction for competitive multiplayer.      “You are being employed by these Factions.” says design lead Lars Bakken. “The Factions helped and were integral to the forming of the city. They are very interested

The Armaments of Destiny

Throughout my entire Halo 3 career, there was one weapon in particular that I favoured over any other. It wasn’t my trusty Battle Rifle, nor my shimmering Energy Sword, but rather my Spartan Laser ‘Galilean’, a weapon that I accrued a total of 1,200 kills with across 1,800 multiplayer games. I knew where it spawned on each and every map, I knew not to hold the fire button for too long lest the thing fire prematurely, and I knew how to maximize its usefulness over the course of each and every battle. I loved the Laser, and my affection for

Weekly Update 2.28.14

Read the full Weekly Update here [divider] This week at Bungie, we entered a new phase of development. The strife and conflict of the Pentathlon fades in our rear-view mirror. A fresh build of Destiny sits on every desk in the studio – a monument to a battle for the ages. Four dueling schools have laid down arms to reconstruct our union. Our team has been reunited. As the smoke cleared from the air, Luke Smith stopped by my desk. When he stops by, I listen. In the golden age of Halo 3, he walked this very beat. Now, he’s