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How to Get “No Time to Explain” (Paradox Heroic)

UPDATE! The alternate ending to “Paradox” can now be completed at any time by selecting it from the Director on the Heroic difficulty.

Like Sleeper SimulantThe First Curse, Black Spindle & others, it’s tied to a specific quest.


  • Smooth Ballistics
  • Accurized Ballistics
  • Smart Drift Control
  • Full Auto 
    • Speed Reload – Reload this weapon quickly.
    • Hand Loaded – This weapon is effective at an extended range.
    • Fitted Stock – 25% more stability.
  • Rewind Again – Precision hits are immediately returned to the magazine.


Exotic Quest Guide

These are the steps and their prerequisites to obtain No Time to Explain.

1. Collect the three Ghosts & Return Cult Ghost – Paradox Mission

To start, track down these Dead Ghost memories so you’ll be ready to snag NTE when it’s next available.

If you haven’t already turned in the Cult Ghost, watch the video guide above. You can’t continue until that’s complete.

2. Talk to Lakshmi-2 and obtain the “Not Forged In Light” Quest

Sharp Guardians will recall “Not Forged In Light” as a line spoken by the Stranger; if there’s anything to let you know you’re on the right track, this is it. You’ll have a notification that Lakshmi wants to speak to you if you successfully completed step 1 before today, October 20th. She’ll start the questline proper, the first task of which is…

3. Pledge & Donate

You’ll need to switch your allegiance to FWC for this next step, and amass reputation by donating materials. It’s not even a full rank; early reports are saying about 1000 reputation.

If you have extra Weapon Parts (yeah right), Heavy Synths (still unlikely), or Motes of Light (there we go!) trade as many as you can afford, and eventually you will be given the next step.

4. Kill a Taken Minotaur to collect the Simulation Core

The Lieutenants that spawn will drop this core. The best way to do this is to coast around Venus on Patrol until you encounter a Taken event; the Citadel & Ember Caves are popular.

Once you have the Simulation Core, you must shatter (dismantle) it and return to Lakshmi for your next task.

5. Kill Atheon in the Vault of Glass (Any Difficulty)

Hey look, old raids are relevant again! Grab a fireteam – might we recommend DestinyLFG – and dive into the Vault of Glass for a good-old-fashioned time lord barbecue. The requirement does not specify that Hard Mode is necessary, so do Normal if you aren’t feeling up to it. Once you battle and defeat Atheon, he’ll drop his eye (gross), and you’ll need to shatter this for your second piece. Head back to Lakshmi for your penultimate challenge.

6. Complete “Shadow at Twilight

This Recommended 270 Light Heroic mission requires you to find a Chest that spawns at random locations. You’ll need to cleanse yourself too; do this by stepping in the Light that’s scattered across the map so that you do not get overwhelmed by Darkness. Return to Lakshmi once you’ve looted the Chest.

7. Complete “Blood of the Garden

This mission will become available after you complete step 6. You’ll need to tackle a Recommended 290 Light Heroic mission to finish the process for No Time To Explain.

It’s pretty straightforward: Kill enough enemies to summon the final boss. Keep the Anger meter at 100% and kill the Taken Ultra.


No Time To Explain is yours! We’ve got some screenshots of its perks, and it looks like a weapon with incredible potential – even if it is Kinetic only. Expect a review later this week.

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