no time to explain exotic weapon review

Destiny Taken King: No Time To Explain Exotic Review

A single word is etched onto the inside of the weapon’s casing: “Soon.”

No Time to Explain is a new Exotic primary pulse rifle that was introduced with The Taken King – follow this Quest guide to get it.


The good: Almost-infinite ammo, full auto.

The bad: Kinetic damage, cosmetics get in the way.

Conclusion: Hard to judge until trying.

This is an Exotic Weapon
Pulse Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Kinetic Base Damage280/?
Best In?PvE
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

Kinetic Damage

This weapon causes kinetic damage.


Increased recoil. Boost to range.


This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.


Reload this weapon quickly.


Precision hits are immediately returned to the magazine.


More range and Impact. Increased recoil.


This weapon is effective at an extended range.


Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.


Increases weapon stability.


Weapon Review

TTK has switched up the formula for introducing Exotics into the world of Destiny. There was a host of Exotics released normally, including Jade Rabbit and Telesto, and then a few special guns have been held back.

First, Black Spindle hit us out of nowhere, and with the conspicuous Cult Ghost in the Paradox mission, we were introduced to the first steps we would have to take in order to acquire No Time To Explain.

Our guide translates how this curio is transformed into an Exotic weapon.



No Time To Explain is a member of one the most common archetypes of Pulse Rifle: the mid-Impact, mid-RoF class. You may think that there is a high-Impact/low-RoF alternative available, but there are only two Year 2 Pulse Rifles with such a build, and among them, only one is Legendary – Spare Change.25
no time to explain pvp exotic review
Instead, Bungie populated the mid/mid archetype with a few extra Legendaries and Exotics, including common culprits like The Villainy, Nirwen’s Mercy, and Red Death. These weapons offer a nice balance between DPS and overall damage per shot.

Like most PRs, they need a sizable chunk of stability to hit their optimal TTK values in Crucible, and a fair amount of rounds in reserve to be able to put out enough damage before needing to reload. A good PR in the mid/mid class will match its versatility with well-rounded stats to offer ideal control.


Among Y2 Pulse Rifles, NTTE has some stats that jump out immediately. The first is its impressive base Range of 51. While the database reveals that several of its competitors outstrip it, it must be noted that it has the highest base Range in its archetype. Its Stability of 62 is serviceable, though the Smite of Merain, Nirwen’s Mercy, and Hawksaw all edge it out here.
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Superficially, it appears to have poor ammunition efficiency, with an average Reload Speed sitting squarely in the middle of the pack, combined with its Magazine Size of 24. As we’ll see shortly, this is far from the case.


Strangely, No Time to Explain has no intrinsic perk. It causes kinetic damage, and can be infused to up its Attack – but there is nothing that sets it apart from the crowd when you initially acquire it. Of course, this changes as you unlock its first perk: Full Auto. Full Auto is an excellent perk with absolutely zero drawbacks that eliminates the need for consciously pacing shots. Normally, a Pulse Rifle can be effectively “oversampled” if you pump the trigger too fast, creating a nearly-imperceptible amount of lag between shots, and thus decreasing DPS.

With Full Auto, your next pulse will fire as soon as it’s available – don’t think about it. It lessens trigger finger strain and allows you to focus on strafing and defensive movements.

For ballistics, you have the choice between Smooth Ballistics, Accurized Ballistics, and Smart Drift Control. If you’re looking for unparalleled stability at the cost of some noticeable range, Smart Drift Control will push you closer to that laser spread. Otherwise, Accurized Ballistics is probably best for the small increase to impact and Range; Smooth Ballistics’ range boost is likely not worth the hit to stability you’ll take.

The middle column offers some very minor boosts that are nevertheless useful for rounding off your stats nicely. Hand Loaded is a natural pairing with Smart Drift Control, though it won’t fully erase the penalty from the latter. Fitted Stock is a similarly obvious choice with Accurized or Smooth Ballistics, and can even be combined with Smart Drift Control for the most focused spread available on NTTE – great for close-quarters PvP arenas. Finally, Speed Reload will improve your reload speed ever-so-slightly, though its benefits are a little disappointing all things considered.
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Rewind Again, the Exotic perk, automatically refunds any precision hit free of charge. Bullets are snatched out of thin air, effectively extending your magazine size indefinitely. As each pulse fires three bullets, each of these three bullets has the potential to make its way back to your magazine. With the Pulse Rifle’s natural muzzle climb, this can be difficult on targets with smaller heads, such as your garden-variety Guardian or Vex Goblin. Still, a perk that is built around the status quo desire of wanting to pop skulls? Sign us up! Contrast it with the Jade Rabbit’s perk, that discourages optimal DPS in favor of ammo management, and there is a clear design winner.

It must be stressed that NTTE does not deal Arc damage. Footage from an earlier iteration of The Taken King hinted that it might, but Bungie, now attempting to phase out Elemental Primaries, removed this facet of NTTE before its release.


Pulse Rifles are in a good place for PvE. Recent buffs to the damage PRs do has made them competitive options for add disposal, even if they can’t match the longevity and boss DPS of the Scout Rifle. As Hand Cannons and Auto Rifles have been given the raw end of the range deal, your endgame choice should really come down to your favorite Pulse or Scout. The Smite of Merain has gained immense popularity as a reliable Taken killer, especially with its unique Firefly, and the Hung Jury offers similar advantages. No Time to Explain has a special niche of its own though: boss killer. On average, you’ll maybe add 10 or so rounds when chewing through crowds of enemies; heads are difficult to hit with consecutive rounds. In these situations, NTTE functions as a very-above-average Legendary – but isn’t truly Exotic. However, having the capability to relentlessly damage a particularly vicious Ultra or Strike Boss without switching weapons is an underrated boon. As long as their crit spot is large, and relatively stable, NTTE is well-suited to the task.

Sniper Rifle ammo is often at a premium these days, especially as Guardians often have to sacrifice +Machine Gun Ammo/+Rocket Launcher Ammo on their boots for the blessing. In lieu of this, No Time to Explain is a no-hassle replacement that, while not measuring up in the DPS department, will be appreciated by your fireteam for keeping the pressure on the target. It can also free up your Special or Heavy reserves for more onerous adds that never seem to be too far away when engaging a boss.

In the raid, No Time to Explain is an acceptable substitute for Black Spindle. If you’re planning on carrying the brand in the Warpriest encounter, it can be an excellent choice. While you’re on the clock for killing an acolyte, you’ll have six or so seconds in which you can cleanly engage the Warpriest with easy headshots. Of course, it’s possible to use a Sniper Rifle in this time to do a little more damage, but NTTE has a much less steep difficulty curve, in that you won’t need to switch different zoom factors or worry about reloading and missing your chance. For Golgoroth, simply hold the trigger down. Again, Black Spindle is a superior choice for an Exotic, but lacking this, you might find the no-risk constant damage of NTTE as preferable even to Touch of Malice.

Overall, the strengths of NTTE in PvE boil down to how cleanly Rewind Again functions. It might not always be the best option, but it is 100% upside, making NTTE a dangerous option to always have nearby.


This assessment is considerably more difficult. The consumption of an Exotic slot is a significant decision. In order for No Time to Explain to be worth your time, it has to do something that an easily-obtainable alternative can’t.

Let’s make it clear up front: No Time to Explain is no slouch. Its base Range gives it strong aim assist, and its archetype is very viable in the current PvP metagame. In fact, while you’ll probably be getting beaten in closer engagements, your range is going to help you win those fights in which the opponent’s damage drops off before they realize their mistake. We can assure you that in the right hands, No Time to Explain is every bit as deadly as the Iron Banner favorite, Nirwen’s Mercy. However, it loses a bit of its Exotic flavor when you consider the efficacy of its perks in a PvP scenario.
ntte exotic pulse rifle pvp
Firstly, Rewind Again was simply not designed with PvP in mind. Yes, you’re aiming for headshots, but your targets are doing everything in their power to avoid getting hit in the head. As a result, many more of your shots are going to be missing, and you’re going to feel the constraints of your 24 round magazine (not 21). In summation, Rewind Again isn’t a game-changer in the PvP realm and is great for slow-moving bosses.

It is here that we must also first consider another “Exotic” drawback of No Time to Explain: its muzzle flash. The visual effect that accompanies a NTTE pulse is neat, but it’s also excessive. Enemies can get hidden when ADS and firing at the maximum RoF. Because of this, it’s possible to miss out on crucial kills, as a single bullet goes awry when you’re unable to paint your target accurately.

So, what are we left with? Frankly, NTTE is still a top-tier Crucible weapon. Pulse Rifles are the meta, and being a mid/mid archetype with well-rounded stats, NTTE will clean up if it’s given the right guiding hand, but so will Legendary options, which can roll Third Eye, Headseeker, or Feeding Frenzy. On top of this, they can roll max Stability, whereas No Time to Explain can’t scrape that “god-tier” element of RNG. But in spite of this, its real power in the Crucible comes down to how it feels and performs in your hands. This is the distinction that is increasingly important as you consider between the upper echelons of Crucible weaponry: what can I succeed with? Chances are, NTTE may be one of those weapons.

Cosmetics & Sound

It very closely resembles the Stranger’s Rifle we know and love, but with a new, matte green finish. The bright blue flash from the muzzle hints at the Arc damage that never was, and the gun still hums with each pulse fired with that tinny, somewhat less visceral pulse. Other than that, its clean design and striking reticle set it apart from the dime-a-dozen red dot alternatives, making for a nice Exotic aesthetic.
no time to explain exotic review


Not amazing in PvP, but still pretty darn good for PvE. In PvE, it’ll cut through adds in full-auto like a hot knife through butter, refreshing its magazine with any and all headshots. It lacks a “wow” factor like Firefly, but can still handle anything you throw at it. And when a boss shows up? Keep up the pain with Rewind Again, ensuring near-infinite ammo. In PvP, NTTE must be evaluated alongside its competition. But even with this strong field alongside it, it still measures up pretty well. Even with the muzzle flash pulling focus, you can land a kill at any distance. All in all, it’s a weapon you can’t judge until you’ve tried it for yourself, and we have a feeling you’re going to like what you see.

For PvP this weapon earns a 8/10 and for PvE a 8.6/10.