necrochasm exotic review

Necrochasm Exotic Review

“Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?”

Necrochasm is an Exotic primary auto rifle.

This weapon can only be acquired by upgrading the Eidolon Ally with a Crux of Crota – learn all about it here.


The good: Only AR with Arc damage, immediate access to perks, quick reload speed.

The bad: Low Impact, underwhelming perks, small magazine size.

Conclusion: Needs a buff to be worth using.

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This is an Exotic Weapon
Auto Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Arc Base Damage/Upgraded339/339
Quality Lvl70
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

Arc Damage

This weapon causes Arc damage.

Accurized Ballistics

Less Recoil. Penalty to Range.

+5% Damage
+10 Range
-10 Stability


Precision kills with this weapon frequently trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion.

Explosions do not hard you.

Upgrade Damage 1

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Single Point Sling

Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.

50% quicker switch speed & 10% quicker movement speed when ADS.


Aiming this weapon increases its effective range.

10% bonus to range when ADS.

Upgrade Damage 2

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Upgrade Damage 3

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Melee kills increase the reload speed of this weapon for a short time.

Increases reload speed by 150% after a melee kill.

CQB Ballistics

Less Recoil. Penalty to Impact.

-10 Range
+15 Stability

Flared Magwell

Reload this weapon even faster.

+100 Reload

Upgrade Damage 4

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Aggressive Ballistics

Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.

+10% Damage
-5 Range
-5 Stability

Fitted Stock

Increases weapon stability.

+25 Stability

Upgrade Damage 5

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Requires an Exotic Shard


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Weapon Review

Necrochasm, extremely similar to Eidolon Ally, is an Exotic auto rifle with Arc damage. To get it, you’ll need Eidolon Ally, and before that you’ll need the Husk of the Pit. If you’re unsure of how to start off, check out this guide.

Before we get into the weapon review, for anyone who doesn’t know, the Crux of Crota can only be obtained in the hard mode of Crota’s End.

Before it will have a chance at dropping, you need to own the Glowhoo shader. You don’t need to have it equipped, but you at least need to own it.

Recommended perks:

CQB Ballistics
-10 Range
+15 Stability

Fitted Stock
+25 Stability

The Good

Necrochasm currently has the highest Attack rating in the game at 339. Does it make a difference? Not really.

The Mythoclast, like Necrochasm, won’t be bumped up to the new max Attack rating once House of Wolves is released. DeeJ said that the Mythoclast “shall be frozen in time” and will not be updated to 331. In the same way, the Necrochasm will most likely be kept at 339 and won’t be increased to the new 365 max Attack rating when House of Wolves drops.

Auto rifles have 3 archetypes: high RoF/low Impact, average RoF/Impact, and low RoF/high Impact. Most people seem to prefer the low RoF/high Impact auto rifles such as Vanquisher VIII or For The People since they hit harder and generally are easier to control.

Necrochasm is in the high rate of fire archetype. Its rate of fire is completely capped at 100. For those that like the high rate of fire and low Impact auto rifles, know that Necrochasm really is the pinnacle of this style. You can unleash a full magazine in 2.90 seconds.

necrochasm upgraded review

In addition to its high Attack and rate of fire, it also has a deceptively long range. Its low base range is improved with the Rangefinder perk – it’ll increase the range when aiming down sights by 10%. Unfortunately a perk like Rangefinder could be easily replaced with something better if the base Range was higher, but more about that below.

The base reload speed of Necrochasm is very quick, reloading in 2 seconds, only slower than a few others. With the Flared Magwell perk it can quickened to 1.70 seconds, although this isn’t optimal due to Fitted Stock being stronger overall.

The Cascade perk, lasting 5 seconds, will also allow you to reload even faster (1 second) after you kill something with a melee attack, which is nice for situations when enemies are getting a little too close for comfort.

The stability is also higher than most other auto rifles. While its base stability is much lower than Up For Anything or For The People, the stability is doubled with CQB ballistics and Fitted Stock, making it amazingly easy to handle. This is a great boon to the weapon since this particular archetype requires precision shooting to make the most of the lower Impact.


The Bad

Unfortunately, the bad dramatically outweighs the good. There are a plethora of issues with the weapon that simply make it underwhelming for its Exotic status amd the time investment needed to get it.

Starting off, it has an extremely low Impact. Tier 1 enemies take 72 damage to the body damage and 180 critical damage. Tier 2 (Major) enemies will take 72 damage to the body and 90 damage to the head. Even after completely unloading your magazine on a Major, they still won’t be dead.

In PvP you will be doing a lowly 11 damage to the body and 13 to the head. It’s almost worth it to just aim for the body since it takes 15 precision shots to down someone, as opposed to the 18 shots to the body. Getting 2 kills without reloading, assuming you don’t miss any shots, will be a feat.

While this low Impact is completely normal for this archetype of auto rifle, it is exacerbated by the low magazine size of 42. Typically high rate of fire auto rifles will have a magazine size of 60-70+ to accommodate the “bullet hose” nature of using them.

The low magazine size with the high fire rate just means that you are going to be reloading most of the time you use the weapon. Necrochasm has a pitifully low magazine size in comparison to other weapons in the same archetype (Silimar’s Wrath, Atheon’s Epilogue, Payback SOS, etc).

You’ll definitely want to use Aggressive Ballistics if you want to do the most damage, but even then it doesn’t make a huge difference.

necrochasm pvp review

The Cursebringer perk is supposed to be the crowning feature of Necrochasm. In practice it’s arguably a worse Firefly-esque perk. Due to the high rate of fire and low Impact, it is difficult to actually land the precision shots necessary to get this perk to proc, and even if you do, it’s not a guaranteed explosion.

A Cursebringer explosion, while awesome when it happens (especially because it won’t harm you), only occurs about 70% of the time and the blast radius feels smaller than Firefly. In addition, it appears to be bugged because it takes an extra second for the explosion to occur.

As mentioned above, while the range starts off poorly, it will be increased by a respectable 10% with Rangefinder. But a perk like Rangefiner begs the question: Why isn’t the base range just higher to begin with to make room for a better perk like Glass Half Full or Third Eye?

The perks on Necrochasm just don’t feel Exotic and it’s hardly different/better than Eidolon Ally. Cascade will help in a few instances, Cursebringer will mostly help in PvE, and the rest just don’t make the weapon powerful enough to warrant practical use.

necrochasm hd gameplay


If you have used Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally, or Murmur, then Necrochasm won’t look like anything special. The only visual upgrade is the glowing green fire that comes out from beneath the barrel. The sounds and sight hasn’t changed at all.

It is said the Necrochasm was born in the twilight after Crota’s sword first cracked the Moon. That a lost Guardian’s weapon was altered by the Hive in an attempt to fuse their own dark understanding with humanity’s mastery of war.

The result was a weapon that would feed on its owner’s aggression—reaching further when angry eyes drew focus, its hunger rising as it tore through bone and flesh.



The time investment required into getting Necrochasm just doesn’t feel worthwhile because of its poor performance. In the end, you are rewarded with a weapon that is basically the best of its archetype, but sadly that archetype is probably the worst in Destiny.

Without some kind of buff (magazine size/Impact preferably), Necrochasm simply is not worth the time investment required to get it. Don’t bother with the struggle of getting it unless you are a collector, or an avid user of high rate of fire auto rifles.

Thankfully Necrochasm is fully upgraded when you transform Eidolon Ally, so at least you won’t need to spend any time unlocking the perks.

For PvP this weapon gets a 5/10, and for PvE it gets a 6/10

necrochasm pve review