Matchmaking & Bounty Changes

The full Weekly Update can be found at


The number of active Crucible playlists are being reduced to help draw Guardians into a more focused set of battlegrounds. Each week, we’ll offer five core playlists in the center row, and one rotating playlist in the top rotator.

Private Matches will continue to remain on the bottom row.

Classic players who do not own Rise of Iron will find their offering each week in the top rotator, which can feature Zone Control, Combined Arms, Mayhem Clash, Mayhem Rumble or Doubles modes. Elimination will be available each week, and will continue to be replaced with Trials of Osiris each weekend.

The following week will feature Clash, Rift, Elimination/Trials, Skirmish, and Rumble Supremacy:


Bounties are also in for some revisions. Lord Shaxx will continue to offer his weekly bounties, and will now offer one for each of the 6v6 core modes offered each week. Daily Crucible bounties have been updated to be more inclusive of Guardians, regardless of which mode they play, which subclass they favor, or if they have a Fireteam available.

The Crucible Quartermaster will now offer 5 new bounties each week for different weapon archetypes, allowing you an opportunity to earn a variety of Crucible, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris weapons from Year 2 and Year 3. And yes, there is a Hand Cannon bounty that can reward an Eyasluna!

These bounties have also been updated and all of them are now able to be completed daily while Trials of Osiris is active. Silver and Gold tier bounties will now feature Gear and Weapons from Year 3.