How to Get Khvostov 7G-0X

You asked, Bungie delivered. Rise of Iron is all about nostalgia, and it is now possible to get an exotic variant of the venerable Khvostov 7G-02 rifle you received at the very beginning of Destiny. It’s a beauty, too. The firing mode, ROF, and weapon perks are all variable, meaning that (in theory) you can tailor this Golden Age powerhouse to fit any situation.

To get your hands on it, you’ll have to track down a series of Golden Age directions and weapon parts.


Step 1: Obtain the Weapon Schematic

Method 1:

Dismantle an original Khvostov to receive the Khvostov 7G Schematic. Take it back to Shiro-4 at the Iron Temple to obtain the quest “We Found a Rifle.”

NOTE: This will destroy your Khvostov 7G-02. Unless you have extras, consider doing Method 2 instead.

Method 2:

See this simple map, courtesy of /u/azrael6947


If you want to keep your prized rifle, do the following:

  1. Load the Plaguelands Patrol
  2. Search each zone for a Hive Wizard with the title “Brood Mother.” One should spawn in the same location you do. If you miss it, just explore a bit and you’ll find one.
  3. Kill it. It’ll drop a “Splicer Intel Relay,” which you’ll need.
  4. Take your Intel Relay and head from the Plaguelands through Foundry 113 to The Divide (an accessible location in the original Cosmodrome), and then go through the Breach to the Cosmodrome (where your Ghost found revived you at the very beginning of Destiny). This is the Old Highway, where it all began.
  5. Outside you’ll see a massive Fallen Ketch hanging in the air. Board it.
  6. Kill everything.
  7. In the back right corner of the inside of the ketch, there’s a chest. Open it!
  8. Receive a Weapon Schematic for the Khvostov 7-OG!
  9. Take it back to Shiro-4 at the Iron Temple to obtain the quest “We Found a Rifle.”

Step 2: Collect Pages & Weapon Parts

Shiro tells you that you can rebuild the gun, but that you’ll need a collection of manual pages as well as weapon parts to do so. He mentions that the Fallen may have them. As you collect parts and pages you’ll unlock grimoire cards that add to the backstory of this hallowed weapon.

10 Manual Pages

Load the Plaguelands Patrol. Start killing Fallen, and they’ll drop manual pages with the small item markers you’ll remember from regular patrol missions (you don’t need to activate a patrol mission to make this work). With 10-30 minutes of farming, you should be able to collect all 10 manual pages.

3 Weapon Parts

There are three weapon parts to collect, all of which are located by loading the Plaguelands Patrol. Keep an eye on your mini-map, since ALL weapon parts will appear as small triangular item markers!

/u/Jase_the_Muss has shared these images of where to find each part: 

Kvostov Parts

Weapon Part 1:

From the Plaguelands, go back to The Rocketyard, and head to the Refinery by going through Foundry 113 and then through the Rocketyard.

Kill your way through the Refinery, following the path you take for the original Devil’s Lair strike. Run through the hallway that’s blocked by trip-mines in the strike. On the right side of the next room, behind the boxes, there will be a weapon part lying on the floor next to the two lights. It is marked by a triangular item marker.

Weapon Part 2:

Forge ahead to The Blast, the outdoor location where you fight the Devil Walker in the Devil’s Lair strike. The second weapon part is on the left side of the roof of the central building, marked by an item marker.

Weapon Part 3:

Go back to The Divide. This time, go to Dock 13 (the path you take to return to the regular Cosmodrome Patrol). Fight through the buildings of Dock 13 until you reach a blocked door up a set of stairs that prevents you from going any further. Weapon Part 3 is underneath these stairs – and yes, it will show up as a triangular marker.

Once you have all Manual Pages and Weapon Parts, return to Shiro-4 to receive the quest “A Khvostov Rising.”

Step 3: Obtain a Firing Pin

Make sure you have a primary weapon slot available!

Shiro-4 informs you that you have everything you need, with the exception of a suitable firing pin for the rifle. To obtain a suitable part, you’ll have to kill a Splicer Major and take it.

To do this, simply follow the quest directions. Shiro directs you back to The Divide, where you encounter a Splicer Captain. You’ll have to do enough damage to it within five minutes to continue the quest. Follow the Captain into the Breach, where you’ll have your final showdown.

Kill the Captain to receive the firing pin. It’s a strong opponent, and you’ll have to deal with a lot of enemies, so if you’re under-leveled you may want to bring a friend or two. Otherwise, after a couple of Super activations, the Captain will die and you’ll have a brand-spanking-new, very usable, exotic Khvostov 7G-0X rifle.

It drops directly into your inventory at 350 light, and it’s ready to get back to work. Once you’ve equipped it, you are too. Shiro directs you back towards the Fallen Ketch, and you’ll have a chance to use your new rifle to fight through waves of enemies all the way to the ship. Be sure to talk with your Ghost.

Return to Shiro-4 to complete the quest.

Happy hunting, Guardians.