Jason Jones Interview (Part 3)

Bungie co-founder and Destiny/Halo creator, Jason Jones, sat down with IGN’s  Ryan McCaffrey for an in-depth interview. Jason talks about what he would have liked to have changed in Halo, and how Destiny will be much different (and much better). We also learn that the Warlock class will have “team buff and team res abilities.”

I think the great tragedy of Halo is that for years and years it provided wonderful single-player and co-op content, and we provided people with almost no fun incentives or excuses, almost no reason besides their own enjoyment, to go back and replay it. So Halo 1 built these 10 labor of love missions, and only if you decided to go back and replay them was there any incentive to do so. The reason we’re doing Destiny is because I feel like, looking back on Halo… I described it over and over again to the team. It’s one of the great tragedies of Halo.

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Check out the full interview here.

This is the final piece of the 3 part interview.