New Debts chapter 3

Inspirations for Destiny

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This week at Bungie we retraced some of our steps.

There are times when we get up on Twitch to reveal challenges in your future. Those are definitely fun moments, but we don’t want our channel to remain dark while we work in our secure hangar to move fresh content onto the launching pad. Just yesterday, with three artists in the hot seat, we delved deeper into some past lives.

During the live show, we shed new light on artwork that helped shape the world of Destiny. We learned the origins of weapons, destinations, heroes, and more. Did you miss it?

Seeing the artistic inception of a game is my favorite thing about working at Bungie. Let me open for you a window into our world.

As promised on the show, you can browse more art from Jesse van Dijk, Joseph Cross, and Adrian Majkrzak.
Disclaimer: Much of what you’ll see in these portfolios was never intended to be included in Destiny. Sometimes, art is created simply for the sake of creation.

Next week, we’ll be back up on Twitch to enjoy some raiding in King’s Fall. There will be developer commentary. There will be blood!