Infinite Materials & Chests

Published on: Sep 30, 2014 @ 15:34

If you’re in need of SpinmetalHelium Filaments, or Spirit Bloom, the following videos show how easy it is to gather them indefinitely. You’ll also be able to do this for chests as well. This will likely be patched soon, so take advantage of this while you can.

Videos: Endless chests & infinite materials

This method of farming works anywhere that you can collect and quickly leave before the item disappears.

For other Destiny materials, our complete Material farming guide has you covered!

[divider]Datto Talks Crucible

In other news, Datto has an excellent breakdown as usual about stats in Destiny and how they stack up against each other. What is the best PvP build in regards to your subclass stats? What do armor, recovery and agility actually do for you in the crucible? He answers these questions and explains what you should be focusing on.

Video: Armor, Recovery and Agility In Depth

He also has a new video about the fabled Vex Mythoclast

Video: Vex Mythoclast gameplay

If you haven’t already seen our “Is Crucible Balanced?” article, check that out and let us know what you think about Destiny’s PvP experience so far.


All Emblems

Our friends at DestinyTracker have put together an awesome Emblem previewer, so if you’d like to see all of Destiny’s emblems as well as the namecard that you’ll have with it, click here. You’ll notice that the only Exotic emblem is the Eye of Osiris from the Trials of Osiris Crucible event.

emblems[divider]Upgraded Sparrow

Finally, have you ever wondered what an upgraded Sparrow looks like? Check out these videos by Reddit user melifecent using the Emerald Coil upgrade:


The Emerald Coil costs 23 Strange Coins from the Agent of the Nine.