xur worth buying nothing manacles

XûReview: Is That Worth Buying?

Xur is located near the Speaker


Item Class Subclass Buy? Strange Coin
Hawkmoon Yes 23
Legacy Primary Engram 31
Mk. 44 Stand Asides Titan Striker No 13
Graviton Forfeit Hunter Nightstalker Yes 13
Nothing Manacles Warlock Voidwalker Yes 13

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Mk. 44 Stand Asides01f70e16998f00610e3b272806d5a3b5

STAND ASIDE, FOR I AM A MEDIOCRE EXOTIC AT BEST. Seriously, you can use this in PvP for a little leeway with timing your Shoulder Charge kills – and the tighter turn radius isn’t too bad – but the trade-off for any number of other Exotics you’re missing is hard to justify. If you do choose to run it, make sure to spec Headstrong for the extra sprint speed, which will be an obvious smart pairing with the aforementioned turn radius buff.

In PvE, only don these terrible boots if you desire to wear an unsubtle, obstructive, ridiculous Exotic that has about as much PvE utility as the Husk of the Pit.

…Okay, so you can re-roll them for your desired Ammo perks, at least.

With Headstrong, if you’re a Striker fan who is looking to play around in PvP, they might earn you 1 extra kill a match with a quicker, more responsive, and forgiving Shoulder Charge (and probably 5 extra deaths as you try to lean on SC too hard).


Graviton Forfeitb253e96565354b897a22fd53ebbbe54f

The largest dilemma for any Nightstalker is choosing between Keen Scout and Shadestep. With this exotic granting Shadestep automatically, that decision is irrelevant, because now both can be used- providing a staggeringly powerful neutral game.

In PvP, there’s no shortage of unique opportunities to use it to your advantage, but in PvE the AI is not so crafty that you’ll need to avoid life and death that often with it.

With that said, it’s still a useful tool for escaping harm in PvE, too. Golgoroth’s gaze and the new HM Warpriest projectiles are obvious things for a well-timed Shadestep to make irrelevant. Still, you’re only going to get so much mileage in PvE out of not shooting – the overall goal should always be to stay in the fight and support your team.


Nothing Manaclesde41fa5a1dc451db221d133191dd56ae

These powerful gauntlets grant you an amped up version of Scatter Grenades, in addition to a single extra charge that can be consumed at any time. They won’t recharge concurrently, but transitions and downtime can be used to give the 2-grenade Voidwalker maximum crowd control and trash disposal potential when they have precise aim.

The recent patch toned down the tracking ability of the grenades, which is a disappointment, but if it’s still reliable. In PvP, they’re particularly deadly in objective gameplay, functioning as mini Nova Bombs in conjunction with Bloom when clearing out a control point. You pretty much have to land the initial grenade right on top of your opponent – and even then, you’ll be lucky if he or she stays still long enough for the damage to be accumulated. As such, the extra grenade is a nice bonus, but you’re almost certainly better off with Voidfang Vestments.

In PvE, they fare a little better – again, AI is notoriously predictable; you’re not going to see packs of thralls dodge-rolling and blasting you with a Conspiracy Theory-D (…I hope), so having raw damage stocked in the form of two powerful scatter grenades can be great against small groups of enemies, or to stagger majors like Knights. That exhaustive sentence aside, they look pretty fantastic, and are overlooked enough that you won’t see many people running them. Separate yourself from the crowd, why don’t you?