Hawkmoon – Exotic Quest Guide

Another Exotic Hand Cannon has returned from Destiny 1; Hawkmoon, everyone’s favorite RNG bullet dispenser! Surprisingly, the quest to get the weapon is pretty easy. We’ll run through each step below.


First, you’ll get a notification in the Director to go and speak to the Spider. He’ll get you going on the quest.


Here, you’ll need to start collecting feathers. The first one is outside of the Spider’s lair; pretty simple to find. Each one after is found by deciphering the quest step’s flavor text. The second feather is found at The Sludge on the EDZ. Go towards the Hallowed Grove Lost Sector and search for higher ground overlooking the entrance. You’ll find the feather on a platform there. The third feather is just right from where you land on the Cosmodrome’s Steppes. The fourth feather is in the Dreaming City. Go to the entrance to the Blind Well. On the right of the doorway, before you enter, the feather can be found. The final feather is a bit more effort. You need to travel to the point where we met The Crow for the first time as he saved Osiris. Get to the Moon, travel towards Archer’s Line, and once there, take a right to get under the surface and enter the Hall of Wisdom. Make sure you take the first left you see and follow it until you get to the Shrine of Oryx. Follow the path until you reach the final area and the feather will be there.


At this point, go and speak to The Crow. He will talk to you about a dream he has had, and ask you to check out the location with him. Complete the Mission “Cry From Beyond” on the EDZ to progress to the next step.


You’ll have to go speak to The Crow once again. This time you’ll be asked to generate and collect 50 Orbs of Power. This is simple enough: head to a Lost Sector, take some masterworked weapons with you, and get multikills to generate orbs. Pick them up, and remember to use your Super for those extra ones!


Head back to The Crow. He’ll send you back to the EDZ to check out the location of another of his dreams. You’ll follow the coordinates you are given and collect feathers along the way until you are faced with bosses to strike down.


Now we get to the meaty part. You are challenged to defeat Champions or Guardians, 200 in total, though Champions are said to count for more. Legendary Lost Sectors are a good way to do this solo, without the frustration of PvP. Otherwise, at time of this guide going live, Iron Banner is up and running!


After you get that slog out of the way, you have one more quest to do; reforge the weapon itself. It’s actually a reprisal of the first mission, but at the end, you get Hawkmoon. Use it to beat a big bad boss and the quest will be finished.

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