How to Get Superblack & Lost Broom

The Festival of the Lost has returned! In addition to some fun with masks, candy, and – of course – space magic, there are a couple of short quests that Guardians of all ages can enjoy. One gives you a sweet new shader – an all-black one, no less – and the other lets you fulfill your witchy fantasies and ride around on a rocket-powered broom!


How to Get the Superblack Shader

Raisin-hoarders, your time has come! If you were one of the Guardians who hung onto the tiny box of raisins you received from Eris Morn during last year’s Festival, this is your chance to turn them in. Don’t worry – if you don’t have any, or got rid of them, you can still do this quest. Your reward, in this case, is the long-awaited Superblack shader. This was datamined all the way back in Year One, but it’s finally making its appearance. There’s no reason not to get this one!

Here’s what you do

  1. Get the Festival of the Lost Quest from Eva Levante. She’ll tell you to put on a mask and start getting your hands dirty in the Crucible, but we won’t do that yet. Instead, run around grabbing candy from everyone in the Tower!
  2. Get a Tiny Box of Raisins from Eris Morn, because she’s like that.
  3. Take your hard-earned raisins over to The Speaker. For the low price of 25 motes of light, you can turn your raisins into ASCENDANT RAISINS! Ominous!
  4. But wait! If you kept your raisins from last year, look in your inventory. Your tiny box of raisins will have automatically transformed into ascendant raisins through the power of Eris Morn’s dark space magic.
  5. Bring your newly-ascended box of raisins to Commander Zavala. Give them to him in return for some Salted Sweets.
  6. Trade your Salted Sweets with Master Rahool, who is wearing an exotic engram mask. Salty indeed! He’ll give you a Winged Chew, which does not make up for turning your purples into blues in Year One.
  7. Bring the Winged Chew to Amanda Holliday, who will give you Splice Drops.
  8. Next stop, Cayde-6. Everyone’s favorite Vanguard will exchange them for the dubious-sounding “Unchocolate.” Dont’ eat it.
  9. Fittingly, your last stop, Eris Morn. Apparently, Unchocolate is just to her tastes, because she trades you a Bag of Treats.
  10. Open your bag of treats! Inside, you’ll find SUPERBLACK! It’s a real-life, honest-to-Traveler black shader. Easy, no?
  11. Oh, Eris also gives you a piece of celery. Because she loves you, and cares about your dental health. I’m sure that we’ll all keep that piece of wilted celery in the vault for the next year.

How to Get the Lost Broom

The poor Sweeper-Bot has lost her broom! As far as Festival of the Lost tricks go, this one is rather cruel. Someone has stolen it, and now the poor Frame is paralyzed with anxiety, miming a sweeping motion without her tool of choice. What’s a Guardian to do? Return it, of course.



Head to the Tower, and make your way to the Tower Hanger. Head downstairs into the Tower Bar and head to the back of the room. Turn to the right. On the top of the shelves in the back is a Lost Broom! You’ll have to clamber up the ledges to get your hands on it, but once you do it’s all yours. Until the Festival of the Lost ends, that is. But for now, take your sweet new ride out for a spin (sweep?) wherever Sparrows are welcome.