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Festival of the Lost Guide

Published on: Oct 26, 2015 @ 13:31

Head over to the Tower, Guardians! Today is the start of a new Halloween event called Festival of the Lost, which will be active until November 9th.

This event includes a fully decorated Tower, special cosmetic loot, Quests, and more!festival of the lost event

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The following can also be found at Bungie.net:

Q: What is Festival of the Lost?

A: Festival of the Lost is a live event that is available to all Destiny: The Taken King players for a limited time. This event includes new Quests, Consumable items, themed Gear and new Eververse Trading Co. items. Festival-themed activities and most non-Legendary quality items will no longer be available once the event is over.

Q: When is Festival of the Lost available?

A: Festival of the Lost will be available during the following times:

    • Begins: October 26, 2015
    • Ends: November 9, 2015

Q: Do items expire after the Festival of the Lost event has ended?

A: Yes. Certain items and gear will no longer be available after the event has ended. You can read more about them with the Festival of the Lost Guided Support.

Q: I’ve received Paper Glue and Paper Scraps. What are these for?

A: Paper Glue and Paper Scraps can be used to turn Rare (Blue) Masks into Legendary (Purple) versions of the Masks. Rare Masks will only be available through the Festival. Legendary Masks will be permanently available.

Q: Can I combine the Candy Consumables with my other Consumable items to get more Glimmer?

A: No. Using Candy Consumables will impact the cooldown timer for all other Consumable items for the same race. For example: Using Void Fizz will enable the same “Use” cooldown timer for Black Wax Idols.

Q: Why can’t I purchase the Zombie Dance Emote on my PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

A: Unfortunately, this Emote is unavailable on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.



Cathedral of Dusk

Before we get into the event-specific content, the Cathedral of Dusk is a new Crucible map that also was released today!

Even if you can’t play during the Halloween event, this map will be making a return – maybe for Trials?

The Warlocks believe this vile site was a tomb, a place Oryx never thought the Light would touch. But now the Light is here, and Shaxx has claimed the Cathedral of Dusk as a new space to prepare for war.


Treasures of the Lost

You have the chance to get the cosmetic Masks, as well as consumables, by purchasing a “Treasures of the Lost” Mystery Bag from the Eververse Trading Company.

Note: You also have a chance at these items by filling up your Candy Satchel. You don’t need to spend Silver for Masks.


  • 1 for 200 Silver
  • 3 for 500 Silver ($4.99)
  • 6 for 900 Silver
  • Time for Candy Satchel (free)

What’s In It?


  • Random Legendary Mask


treasures of the lost


Rare Masks will expire after November 9th, but if you use Paper Glue (from Mystery Bags or dismantling Legendary Masks), you can upgrade Rare Masks into permanent Legendary Masks.

Wear your Mask and go to into PvE/PvP and kill enemies to acquire Festival Candies. Then, once you have a Full Candy Satchel, you can trade in the Candy for a free Mask.

(Somewhat Helpful) Consumables

  • Paper ScrapsObtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Rare mask. Can be traded to Eva Levante for a new Rare mask.
  • Paper Glue: Obtained from Mystery Bags or by dismantling a Legendary mask. Can be used to upgrade a Rare mask to Legendary.
  • Salty Engram: A savory snack that increases the development of upgradable Primary Weapons for a short time.
  • Sugary Engram: This cunning confection increases the development of upgradable Special Weapons for a short time.
  • Sour EngramThis pucker-producing pleasure increases the development of upgradeable Heavy Weapons for a short time.
  • Glimmer Chew: Leave a trail of Glimmer when you enjoy this sweet treat while battling Vex.
  • Void FizzThis sweet effervescent candy leaves Glimmer behind as you battle the Hive.
  • Chocolate Strange Coins: Dark deliciousness that dissolves into Glimmer as you defeat Cabal.
  • Fruit MotesThese chewy treats generate Glimmer as you fight the Fallen.



Three new emotes! You can see these demonstrated in this video.



Sweet Memories

The Sweet Memories quest starts off by receiving an empty bag from Eva Levante and involves visiting every vendor in the tower and collecting candy into your bag. Eva will also give you a Legacy of the Lost Mystery Bag, which you can open for a slew of Halloween-themed rewards, including a random mask that you can equip in your helmet slot.

After collecting candy from The Speaker, Crytarch, Eris Morn, Shaxx, Cayde-6, Ikora Rey and Commander Zavala, head back to Eva Levante to get a Gifts of the Lost bag as well as a few new quests that involve wearing specific masks to complete specific tasks.

To fill the rest of your satchel, wear your Mask and defeat enemies in PvE or get kills in the Crucible and return to Eva when your bag is full!

Quests for Gifts of the Lost

  • Face Off! requires you to get Crucible kills while wearing an Engram mask and sword kills while wearing a Crota mask.
  • Playing Pretend requires you to complete three public events with gold rating with the Tiger mask, looting engrams as the Cryptarch and falling off the tower as Atheon.
  • The Masks We Wear starts off by requiring completion of a Stolen Rune in the Court of Oryx as the Traveler and completing a Heroic Strike as the Speaker.