destiny 2 faction weapons

Faction Weapons Breakdown

Each faction has brought four weapons to the Tower, in addition to a fifth weapon that will be available once this Faction Rally ends. Here’s what you can get, along with some quick thoughts on their effectiveness in PvE and PvP.

Dead Orbit

Dire Promise

A high-ROF hand cannon, the Dire Promise can be effective in the Crucible in the right hands. High handling speed, along with good magazine size and stability make it a versatile CQC weapon, but less effective in PvE combat when impact stats count for a lot. The presence of the Triple Tap perk is mildly confusing on an archetype not typically suited to PvE.

Three Graves

Good range and stability make this one of the few pulse rifles that can almost compete in the Crucible at scout rifle distances, especially when used on a flanking route or as a team-shot weapon, but the low handling speed and slow ROF hold it back. Outlaw and Extended Mag make this a good bet for a PvE pulse.

Eleventh Hour

Veist weapons emphasize fast handling and combat readiness, and this sidearm is no different. Although this foundry is rarely used in PvP at the moment (despite being tuned that way specifically), the combination of rampage and ultra-fast reload speed allow for highly mobile and highly aware Guardians to chew through enemies at close range. Limited utility in PvE.

Gravity Slingshot

While it’s a completely average high impact shotgun, the slight increases to range and faster reload when crouched will likely make this an effective ambush weapon in the Crucible (by which I mean crouching corners). The high inventory stat may help it compete against Hawthorne’s Shotgun in PvE.

Special Weapon: Haunted Earth

This appears to be a PvE-focused high impact weapon, and will likely shine in strikes and other world activities but struggle to find a niche in the Crucible. However, high caliber rounds may make it a potent flanking weapon as well.


New Monarchy

Restoration VIII

With poor range and stability, this rifle can struggle in PvP combat without considered use. However, the good mag size, handling speed, and quickdraw perk make it more effective at close ranges, and also allow for easy mob cleanup in PvE.

Song of Justice VI

High-impact, slow ROF, with perks ideal for PvE: armor-piercing rounds, extended mag, and the auto-loading holster mean that this will be a good option for sustained damage against large targets or ranged mobs. I predict that it will find good use int PvE, but is currently a difficult weapon to use effectively in PvP.

Royal Dispensation II

In the same archetype as the Foggy Notion, this SMG is equipped with high caliber rounds that will surely prove effective in Crucible combat if you can get up close. Currently, SMG’s are not hugely popular in PvE content, although the grave robber perk (granting ammo on melee kills) offsets the low mag size when clearing trash mobs.

Unification VII

Excellent range, handling speed, and a full-auto rate of fire should make this slug shotgun familiar to fans of Destiny’s Chaperone. Expect to see effective use in PvP combat, with less popularity in PvE. Make sure to land your crits!

Special Weapon: Interregnum XVI

This appears to be a Crucible-specific weapon, offering snapshot, Suros full auto, and high caliber rounds. In the right hands, this sounds as though it could be a force to be reckoned with.


Future War Cult

True Prophecy

A fine PvE weapon, this gun’s delayed high impact rounds combined with the delayed explosive payload perk make clearing red bars very satisfying, while high range aids in granting good damage against yellow-bar enemies. It remains to be seen if it will become as popular as the Better Devils, considering the low mag size.

Pleiades Corrector

A legendary version of the MIDA Multi-Tool, this weapon shares the same perks (aside from third eye) and is an absolute monster in PvP. While also effective in PvE, the low mag size, low impact, and PvP tuning mean that there will be other, more powerful scout rifle options.

The Number

In the same archetype as Uriel’s Gift and the Jiangshi AR4, The Number is a reliable, versatile auto rifle. Extended Mag and High Impact Reserves (rounds at the bottom of your mag do more damage) give this weapon the potential to do very good damage in both PvE and PvP.

Eye of Foresight

A weapon apparently tuned for PvP combat, sporting a low zoom, high aim-assist, and controllable recoil. Omolon sniper rifles have always been an acquired taste, and this one is average enough across the board to be a good PvP choice, but lacks the range of a real PvE monster.

Special Weapon: Heart of Time

This rifle is in the same archetype as the currently-alone Lincoln Green, and while high ROF/low range pulses seem to perform better in PvP combat, the high stability combined with the dragonfly explosive perk – and the fact that this is an energy weapon – suggest that this will find use chewing through PvE shields and PvP supers alike.