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Published on: Oct 5, 2014 @ 17:15

Hey guys,

We’ve got a new contributor for our site and YT channel! Patrick Casey, the latest member of the site’s staff, is a very knowledgeable player and will be helping us out with Exotic reviews and videos.[divider]Here’s one of his recent Exotic breakdowns (via Reddit):

Pocket Infinity

TL;DR – Enjoy bathing in the tears of your enemies, and be the savior your group needs when 3 witches show up.

Pocket Infinity is an exotic fusion rifle attained from the Shattered Memory Fragment exotic bounty. You start out finding a dead ghost on venus, killing a gate lord on heroic setting, dismantling 10 rare or greater quality fusion rifles, and finally killing 200 enemies in the nightfall strike. (You must kill them. You cannot leech kills on this one.) The grind for this weapon isn’t too difficult, and if you get lucky and the gunsmith is selling rare fusion rifles then it can take maybe 3 hours to complete the entire thing.

The Good:

The auto fire is one of the greatest things I have felt in this game. I cackled like a maniac as I unleashed a whole 8 rounds into an unsuspecting team guarding a point. The perks for large mag, more range, or reduced recoil are really great. I find myself changing them out for whatever best suits the task at hand. This is a very well designed weapon that truly feels worthy of the titleExotic.

The Bad:

This weapon does have some drawbacks. The scope is very tight, and you cannot see things coming from the sides very well. (This doesnt bother me as I am often hipfiring.) The charge time is very slow, and in pvp you will often get hit by someone else before you get your shot off. This can be adapted to by simply getting a feel for the charge time. You might also find yourself going through ammo much quicker than usual. The 8 round mag will eat through ammo like nothing else. Even with some missed rounds being returned I often found myself running to get more ammo more often than usual.


With all that said I feel that this is a solid, solid weapon. Anything you might find offputting is taken care of just by simply learning the quirks of the weapon. I highly recommend you fully upgrading this beast of a secondary weapon. I often found myself using it alone in crucible matches, fueled by ammo drops and the glorious tears of my enemies.

[divider]More about Patrick

Why do you play Destiny?

To paraphrase Samuel Anders, it isn’t about the stats, or being the best. What matters most are those moments of perfection. Making the perfect throw or shot. The elation of action, and reaction.

That is what I truly love about this game. I get the most joy out of making that perfect play that can turn the tide in a firefight. Seeing that perfect moment unfold where I work together with my team and environment is something that I will never grow tired of.

How do you play?

I get the most out of the game when playing a Hunter. I switch between both Gunslinger and Bladedancer depending on my mood. I usually find myself wielding some form of handcannon, and a fusion rifle as a secondary. I primarily play 3v3 with two longtime friends. We work very well together and really enjoy discussing different strategies for whatever situation we are in.

A little about yourself?

I am a 26 year old guy living in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a Bachelor of Science in Photography from MTSU, and am currently pursuing various graduate school in hopes of teaching photography at the college level. I play Destiny on the PS4.